Salem, Va. - Jeremy C. Smalley, MD, with LewisGale Physicians Virginia Orthopedics is the first provider in southwest Virginia to use new technology offering guided personalized surgery for shoulder replacements. LewisGale Medical Center is also the first Virginia hospital west of Charlottesville to offer this new innovative shoulder surgery option.

A preoperative planning software tool allows surgeons to understand their patient's anatomy prior to surgery and personalize the surgical plan using simulated bone and implants. During shoulder replacement surgery, a camera and tracker technology work together to monitor the position and mechanical alignment of the surgical instruments and joint replacement. With a tracker placed on the patient's bone, the system sends data about the patient's bone structure to the computer. That enables the surgeon to execute this plan during the surgery based on the pre-op template, making adjustments as needed.

"The shoulder navigation system allows me to optimize implant position and preserve as much bone as possible in each individual patient. I'm excited to offer this upgrade to a well-proven implant system to give patients the best possible shoulder replacement results," explained Dr. Smalley.

Dr. Smalley has practiced in Salem for nearly three years after completing a fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, Md., and residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.