Shoulder replacement surgery in Virginia

Shoulder pain reduces your range of motion, making it difficult to do everyday activities, like brushing your teeth or putting on clothes. At HCA Virginia's hospitals, our goal is to help you heal from that kind of pain as quickly as possible. If that means you ultimately need shoulder replacement surgery, our experienced orthopedic surgeons can treat even the most complex cases, including repairing issues from previous shoulder surgeries.

For more information about shoulder surgery or for help finding an orthopedic surgeon, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse® line.

Comprehensive shoulder replacement care

When you have shoulder replacement surgery at an HCA Virginia hospital, you gain access to skilled doctors and comprehensive orthopedic care services. This includes innovative procedures and personalized care from a whole team dedicated to your health before, during and after surgery.

Our team provides:

  • Comprehensive preoperative education: To help ease anxiety before surgery, our hospitals offer comprehensive joint replacement orientations. This includes inside looks at their facilities and education on what to expect throughout the surgical process.
  • Care focused on your needs: We’re here every step of the way with case management and care coordination. Your treatment and rehabilitation plan will be customized to your unique needs.
  • Specialized programs before and after surgery: We provide inpatient and outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation, all under one roof. This enables you to start healing as soon as possible as well as continuing your recovery in the weeks and months after surgery.

Candidates for shoulder replacement surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery (shoulder arthroplasty) relieves pain from severe arthritis or injury and restores range of motion. It involves implanting part or all of a prosthetic (artificial) ball and socket device made from metal and plastic.

Schedule an appointment with one of our shoulder specialists if you:

  • Are unable to move your arms above your head or have limited range of motion
  • Experience shoulder pain or stiffness that interferes with your daily life
  • Have pain that wakes you up from sleeping
  • Have tried nonsurgical treatments, such as medicines, physical therapy and injections, without success

Types of shoulder replacement surgery we offer

We offer options for pain relief and improved function, even if you are in pain related to a previous shoulder fracture surgery or rotator cuff repair. Some of these options include:

  • Partial shoulder replacement: During a partial shoulder replacement, only the ball of the joint is replaced. Partial shoulder replacement can be an option when the shoulder socket is still in good condition. It’s also called hemiarthroplasty.
  • Total shoulder replacement: During a total shoulder replacement, both the ball of the arm bone and shoulder blade socket are replaced. The procedure involves removing the damaged cartilage and bone and implanting the prosthetic parts.
  • Reverse shoulder replacement: During a reverse shoulder replacement, the ball and socket are placed in opposite (reverse) positions. This is performed when rotator cuff tendons are damaged or certain fractures make a total shoulder replacement impossible.
  • Shoulder replacement revision: Our surgeons repair issues or unresolved pain from a previous shoulder replacement surgery.