Neurorehabilitation in Salem, Virginia

Whether you are coping with the aftermath of a stroke or working to overcome functional limitations created by another neurological condition, the neurological rehabilitation team at LewisGale Medical Center is here to restore your capacity for engaging in meaningful activities.

Our specialized primary outpatient therapy team is equipped to treat specific neurological conditions — the only outpatient therapy program of its kind in Southwest Virginia. We offer a comprehensive program including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services along with community outreach and support group opportunities associated with Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia.

Conditions benefitting from neurological therapy

Patients may be referred for neurological rehabilitation for a number of conditions and diagnoses, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Balance disorders
  • Brain injuries
  • Brain tumors and neurological cancers
  • Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
  • Eye conditions
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Spinal cord Injury
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome

Our neurorehabilitation services

Getting the right education, support and guidance from a trained rehabilitation specialist is an important part of your recovery. Our skilled therapists are with you each step of the way, helping you regain the necessary skills needed to restore your independence.

Through our comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation program, we offer the following neurological rehab programs:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation — For qualified candidates, inpatient rehab includes focused, intensive treatments and therapies during a designated period of time within the hospital setting, starting as soon as possible after your neurological event
  • Outpatient rehabilitation — Outpatient rehab encompasses an extensive range of multifaceted treatments and therapies, including speech/language, swallowing, occupational and physical therapy delivered with one-on-one support tailored to your needs. We focus on implementing restorative therapy techniques, incorporating evidence-based practice using neuro-plasticity principles to facilitate cortical change and enhance motor/functional recovery. Use of adaptive and compensatory approaches are also used when necessary.

We also provide access to various rehabilitation systems and technologies to retain the body's electrical impulses and nervous system for improved function and control in the hands, arms, legs, throat and other areas.

Neuro and low vision rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation services team offers a Neuro and Low Vision Program — the only therapy-based OT program of its kind in Southwest Virginia. The program offers OT services to individuals with vision-related problems caused by age-related changes, developmental issues or neurological conditions (including stroke and brain injury).

Working in collaboration with other members of the treatment team, our nationally certified low-vision OT provides evaluation and interventions for common visual deficits impacting function in daily tasks including:

  • Age-related changes — This may involve training with magnification, modification of lighting, enhancing contrast, identifying/reducing sources of glare, and training with compensatory strategies and devices.
  • Neurologic deficits — This may involve training with compensatory strategies to address visual field loss, double vision, light sensitivity, visual-motor and visual perceptual deficits and visual inattention/neglect.
  • Developmental deficits — This may involve evaluation and intervention(s) to improve underlying foundational visual skills, visual-motor skills, and visual-perceptual skills, and/or training with compensatory strategies and devices.

The Neuro, Developmental and Low Vision Program at LewisGale aims to improve the patient’s ability to use their available vision, enhance visual, perceptual and motor skill use while increasing safety and independence in environments and daily tasks meaningful to the patient.

Outpatient neurological rehab location

For more information on our neuro therapy program, please call (540) 772-3770.

Our outpatient neurological rehab center is located at:

1802 Braeburn Dr.
Salem, Virginia 24153

Lobby level of Medical Office Building-East