Hand and upper extremity specialists in Virginia

The advanced orthopedists at HCA Virginia use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose the cause of pain affecting your hand and arm, from your fingers up to your elbow. We create a personalized plan to restore function and get you back to your normal activities. As part of that, we offer a variety of care options, including rehabilitation and pain treatments. However, when surgery is necessary, our orthopedic surgeons are experienced in performing a wide range of surgical procedures to help you heal.

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Comprehensive care for your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder

As part of our extensive orthopedic program, our hand and upper extremity specialists are committed to providing high-quality, effective care to relieve your pain and help you return to daily activities. Our comprehensive care program includes:

  • Compassionate teams committed to your health—You benefit from a team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and other specialists and professionals. They are all dedicated to helping you get better more quickly and enable you to get diagnostics, treatment and recovery therapy—all under one roof.
  • Fellowship-trained, board-certified specialists—Your care comes from board-certified doctors and orthopedic surgeons. Most of our doctors are also fellowship-trained in their fields, meaning they have extra expertise in important aspects of your care.
  • Specialized programs before and after surgery—In addition to advanced diagnostics, our hospitals also offer pain management services and both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation care. This includes rehabilitation from licensed therapists, such as certified hand therapists, who understand orthopedic conditions.
  • State-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic tools—We have the latest imaging equipment and diagnostic tests available to evaluate and diagnose orthopedic conditions at the earliest stages.

Hand and upper extremity conditions we treat

Symptoms of a hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder condition include pain, weakness, numbness, swelling or tingling. We have the expertise to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis—including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bursitis—inflammation of the fluid sacs between the joints in the wrist, elbow or shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome—median nerve compression in the wrist
  • Deformations—extra fingers or finger webbing
  • Dupuytren’s contracture—thickening and tightening of tissues in the palm
  • Fractures and dislocations—of the hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder
  • Ganglion cysts—fluid-filled bump on the joints or tendons in the wrist or hand
  • Ligament injuries—sprains and complete tears
  • Nail bed injuries—caused by blunt force trauma
  • Nerve damage—including the ulnar nerve in the elbow and radial nerve in the shoulder
  • Rotator cuff damage—shoulder condition caused by aging or injury
  • Tendon damage (flexor, extensor and bicep)—torn or completely severed tendons
  • Tendonitis—inflammation caused by repetitive strain, as in "tennis elbow"
  • Trigger finger—trapped tendon that causes a bent finger
  • Tumors—cancerous and noncancerous masses in the hands and upper extremities

Advanced treatment options

Pain in your hands and upper extremities can involve your muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, bones, joints and ligaments, which can make diagnosis and treatment difficult. Our orthopedic care specialists are trained to deal with these complex conditions. They will review your function and movement and provide the best treatment options for you, which may include:

Nonsurgical treatments

We use nonsurgical techniques, when possible, to help patients recover quickly.

Our non-surgical treatment options include:

  • Custom splinting—protects, supports and corrects healing of a variety of conditions affecting the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • Injected medicines—reduces pain and swelling using corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Nerve stimulation techniques—delivers low-voltage electrical current to relieve pain, as in trans-cutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation—improves function and strength with a certified hand therapist and other professionals experienced in upper extremity conditions

Surgical treatments

Sometimes surgery can be avoided through therapy and lifestyle changes; however, other times surgery is the best treatment option. In these cases, our orthopedic surgeons have the skills and expertise to correct your problem. They may use:

  • Arthroscopy (wrist, elbow and shoulder joints)—involves inserting a tube with a tiny camera and a light into the joint to diagnose and repair a variety of conditions affecting the ligaments, bones, cartilage or tendons
  • Carpal tunnel surgery—an open or minimally invasive procedure that releases pressure on the compressed median nerve in the wrist
  • Closed reduction and fixation—realigns and holds broken bones in place with internal fixtures, such as rods or wires
  • Joint replacement—replaces joint surfaces with artificial implants and may use any of a variety of shoulder replacement techniques, depending on your condition
  • Ligament and tendon repair and reconstruction—repairs sprains and strains in the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • Microsurgery—repairs compressed or severed nerves and blood vessels in the hands and wrists, including finger replantation (reattachment)
  • Rotator cuff shoulder repair—reattaches the tendon to the upper arm bone after a complete tear, or trims and smooths the tendon and bone after a partial tear
  • Tommy John surgery (TJS)—replaces an injured ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow with a tendon taken from another part of the body

Robotic surgery

With our focus on patient-centered care, HCA Virginia is committed to staying at the forefront of advanced technology and techniques. As part of that, we are proud to offer robotic surgery for select hand-and-upper-extremity procedures. This innovative technology is less invasive than traditional open surgery, resulting in less pain and greater preservation of healthy bone and tissue. This also allows you to have a faster recovery and, ultimately, return to regular life more quickly.