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Early detection of breast cancer is key. Our team of breast experts at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery provides you with a range of advanced diagnostic and imaging options designed to find breast cancer as early as possible in a warm, comforting environment.

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LewisGale Hospital Montgomery is accredited by the American College of Radiology for our advanced work in mammography and ultrasound. These designations provide assurance to our patients that our dedication to improving women's health has been validated through participation in rigorous quality assurance programs by the oldest and most experienced imaging and radiation oncology accreditation body in the country.

Women's imaging services

Breast health services available at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery include:

  • 3D mammography — This imaging method combines multiple X-rays to create three-dimensional pictures of the breast. Typically ordered for patients with no symptoms, 3D mammograms can detect more cancers than traditional mammograms and are used to investigate conditions such as breast pain and masses.
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) — This imaging exam uses radio waves and magnets, as opposed to radiation, to produce detailed images of the inside of the breast. Breast MRIs examine the breast from numerous angles, providing extensive coverage of potential abnormalities that cannot be seen using other tests.
  • Cyst aspiration — During this procedure, fluid is drained from a breast cyst with a needle. Aspirating the fluid can alleviate symptoms and discomfort. Since it can be analyzed right away, the procedure can prove to be extremely helpful in early cancer detection.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy — This procedure involves removing tissue samples via mammography to be analyzed under a microscope. After the breast is placed between two plates, a sample is removed from the determined location via a needle. Stereotactic biopsies are typically preferred to surgical biopsies.
  • Ultrasound (breast) — This noninvasive test employs sound waves to create real-time pictures of internal structures. Breast ultrasounds diagnose lumps and abnormalities found during mammograms, MRIs or physical examinations. They can also showcase certain types of breast lesions and abnormalities that prove too challenging to determine from a mammogram.
  • Ultrasound core needle biopsy — Utilizing ultrasound technology, core needle biopsies are ordered when cancer has been found on another test. The radiologist uses an ultrasound to locate the problem area, makes small incisions, then inserts a suction device with a spring-loaded needle to remove breast tissue for examination.
  • Breast cancer surgery — This type of surgery is performed to remove cancerous tissues, provide postoperative breast reconstruction and eliminate cancerous spread to the lymph nodes. Breast cancer surgical options include a lumpectomy, where only the cancerous part of the breast is removed, or a mastectomy, which removes the entire breast.

We also offer bone density screenings, which are exams performed to help us diagnose osteoporosis by measuring calcium and bone mineral levels via X-rays. With a breast cancer diagnosis, bone density screenings are essential to make sure your bones remain strong

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