HCA Virginia
October 29, 2021

BLACKSBURG, Va. (Oct. 29, 2021) — LewisGale Hospital Montgomery announced two capital technology improvements including a new 3D mammography tool for screening, and a specialized breast system for biopsies. Together, these new tools will enhance the facility’s multi-disciplinary breast care program and provide earlier detection and better treatment for patients with indications of breast cancer.

Compared to traditional 2D imaging, 3D mammography images show cross-sections of the tissue, so that radiologists can actually see behind certain structures in order to gain a better understanding of the tissue composition. The tool will also allow doctors to use contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM), which is particularly effective in detecting and evaluating abnormal findings, particularly in women with dense breasts. LewisGale Hospital Montgomery is the first hospital in the New River Valley to offer CEM.

Multiple studies have shown that CEM leads to enhanced accuracy for detecting breast cancer and reducing the number of benign biopsies being performed, while being a cost-effective alternative to breast MRI.

“With October being breast cancer awareness month, the announcement of these new technologies is timely,” said Dr. Brandon Langlinais, radiologist at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. “These new mammography options add to our portfolio of biopsy techniques to allow us to choose the best imaging approach for each patient.”

The hospital is also investing in a new breast biopsy system providing the most advanced diagnostic technology available for patients with breast health concerns. The system allows radiologists to view the breast tissue sample in real time as the biopsy is taking place.

Previously, physicians had to collect a series of samples, remove them from the device, and X-ray them to make sure that the samples were adequate for diagnosis. This new breast biopsy system allows for tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, and post-biopsy analysis in one integrated tool.

“LewisGale Hospital Montgomery is committed to providing the highest levels of imaging technology to the community,” said Devin Tobin, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery chief operations officer. “These new technologies, coupled with our world-class team of physicians and providers, means patients with breast concerns can receive the level of specialized care they need right here at home.”