Pediatric physicians in Richmond, Virginia

At Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, our pediatric physicians deliver specialized care in a comfortable, child-friendly environment. Our specialists and staff are on site 24/7, so we are always able to provide you and your family the attention you deserve.

For more information about Henrico Doctors' Hospital's pediatric services or for help finding a doctor, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line at (804) 320-3627 (DOCS).

Comprehensive care in our pediatric center

Henrico Doctors’ Hospital has the specialists and technology to provide comprehensive care for your child for everything from pediatric asthma to Crohn's disease.

We offer a full range of pediatric services, including:

  • Pediatric emergency room (ER) with a board-certified pediatric physician on site 24/7
  • Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) with a negative pressure/isolation room and board-certified pediatric doctors on site 24/7
  • All private rooms on our dedicated pediatrics floor, which houses our PICU and acute-care (general pediatric) unit
  • Pediatric nurses certified in advanced pediatric emergency care
  • Access to pediatric subspecialties
  • On-site, full-service laboratory
  • Pediatric imaging services, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT)
  • Pediatric neurodiagnostic services, including electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Outpatient pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy
  • 24/7 visitation for parents with the option to room-in with their child
  • Designated family waiting area (including showers)
  • Playroom stocked with age-appropriate toys, games, books, movies and video games
  • Kitchenette stocked with child-friendly snacks and a refrigerator and microwave to prepare meals from home
  • Pastoral care, upon request
  • Wireless internet access

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Pediatric ER

When your child has a medical emergency, we provide 24/7 pediatric emergency care in a warm and caring environment. Our pediatric ER offers a wide array of testing and imaging services, including CT scanning, X-ray, fluoroscopy and ultrasound. Additionally, our pediatric ER is designed for kids, offering special sensory-friendly rooms for patients with autism. It is separate from our hospital's main ER, helping your little one feel more comfortable in the ER.


Our PICU enables our staff to give critically ill children, or children requiring close observation, the specialized care their condition requires. Our pediatric-intensivist physicians oversee the care of every patient in our PICU. Together, our intensivists, pediatric nurses, subspecialists and other team members provide comprehensive care to help your child heal.

Our pediatric intensivists are available for referral 24/7 and will update your pediatrician on your child’s care and progress.

Specialized pediatric staff

We know a hospital can be a scary place for a child. That's why we have assembled a pediatric care team which includes pediatric-trained specialists who provide personalized support to your child throughout their hospital stay.

Child life specialist

Our child life specialist provides normalization to your child’s hospital stay by presenting opportunities for coping through therapeutic and medical play. They focus on the emotional, social and developmental well-being of your child, providing support for parents, siblings and other family members as well.

We use age-appropriate language and activities to offer individualized preparation and distraction before, during and after procedures, tests and surgery. Our goal is for you and your child to have a positive hospital experience with as little fear and anxiety as possible.

If you would like more information, please contact our child life specialists by email or phone at (804) 289-4532.

Pediatric hospitalists

If your child’s pediatrician opts to use our hospitalist services, a pediatric hospitalist will manage and direct your child’s care throughout their stay with us. They provide around-the-clock care. each and every day they are here, giving your child personalized attention.

While your child is in the hospital, your pediatrician still plays a vital role. They will receive regular updates regarding your child’s plan of care and progress. When your child is discharged, a pediatric hospitalist will transition your child’s care back to your pediatrician.

Pediatrics at HCA Virginia

Pediatrics is the medical care of children, this ranges from infants to adolescents. Pediatricians are specially trained to treat behavioral problems, mental health issues and diseases as they relate to children. Pediatric care includes well check-ups, vaccinations and much more.

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