HCA Virginia - November 27, 2019

At Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, our mission is the care and improvement of human life. Fulfilling that mission takes a family of devoted individuals who commit not just to a job, but to making life better for everyone who comes into their care.

We are thankful every day for the team members who have made Spotsylvania Regional a place where people know they will find compassionate, quality care ever since we opened our doors in 2010.

During this season of Thanksgiving, we want to publicly recognize some of those contributions.

DAISY Award recognizes compassionate nursing

Patients and staff members at Spotsylvania Regional have the opportunity to recognize outstanding care by nominating members of our nursing staff for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

The award was started by the DAISY Foundation to give thanks for exceptional nursing care. It is given in memory of Patrick Barnes, in honor of the care he received during the last weeks of his life as he battled an autoimmune illness.

You can find a kiosk with award submission forms in our lobby, right next to the main entrance.

DAISY Award nominations give hospital visitors and staff a chance to celebrate nursing care that truly makes a difference at some of the most difficult times in patients’ lives.

“She was right with me like a dear friend. I got over this and was a lot better because she acted so quickly,” wrote a patient who was admitted for a four-day hospital stay after a heart attack and kidney malfunction. This patient wrote that their nurse, Brenda Foley, was part of a nursing team that “could not have been nicer.”

When side effects from radiation treatment for cancer brought their father to the ER at Spotsylvania Regional, one individual who submitted a nomination had already been through several hospitals to help him navigate his treatment.

“It’s few and far between that you get a nurse as motivated and caring as Supinda Stockslager was,” the individual wrote. “She was on top of each and every thing.”

That meant jumping into action when severe pain caused the patient to experience nausea. It meant tracking down doctors to get the right form of medicine prescribed. It also meant having a frank conversation with the patient to help him make decisions about pain medication that would ultimately make him more comfortable.

“She just really cared—like I felt okay leaving my dad with her,” the patient’s adult child wrote. “I was confident that she would see a problem if there was one, figure it out and save the day. She is the best nurse I have ever encountered in my life.”

Helping a family member through illness is never easy, but seeing kindness and hope in the eyes of your relative’s nurse can make all the difference. A woman made this observation about ICU nurse Ryen Butler during her husband’s hospital stay for a serious illness.

“Her sweet, gentle, kind, loving, hopeful spirit helped pull me through the hell of seeing my normally healthy 55-year-old husband in a medically induced coma with severe pneumonia and ARDS,” the woman wrote. “She always made us feel that she wasn’t just doing her job; she genuinely cared about me and my sweet husband as people.”

People are the heart of a community hospital. In the nearly 10 years we’ve served the Fredericksburg community, we’ve been lucky to have longtime community members with a true heart for service join our team.

Among them is Vince Blubaugh, who joined us as a volunteer chaplain nearly a year ago. Vince gives generously of his time, despite his busy schedule as a husband, father of two, full-time pastor and entrepreneur. He regularly brings treats for nursing staff, and has answered the call to serve patients, primarily in our ICU/PCU and Emergency Department. We are so thankful to have him on our team.

Experience strengthens the Spotsy team

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center has been open for almost 10 years, and we benefit from the experience several of our team members bring to us from other hospitals within the HCA system.

Those experienced team members include Patient Access and Financial Counselor Joyce Boone-Johnson, who this year celebrates 30 years of service to HCA. Joyce started her career in 1989 at Arlington Hospital as a cashier and billing clerk. She worked at two other HCA hospitals before becoming part of the founding team that opened Spotsylvania Regional in 2010.

As a leader within our Patient Access Team, Joyce embodies the kind of personal care we aim to provide at Spotsy. It’s not uncommon to find her purchasing snacks for a young child who needs distracting. She is a constant encouragement to her team and always eager to learn. She plays a similar role in her community, where she teaches youth Bible study at her church and enjoys cheering on the Washington Redskins.

Our hospital would not be what it is today without the experience of Director of Facilities Jim McCammon, who celebrates 25 years with HCA. Jim started his career as a Boiler and Electrical Technician at Tallahassee Community Hospital (now Capital Regional Medical Center) in his native Florida. He worked for two years as a Stationary Engineer at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Col., before becoming part of the Spotsy team in 2010.

Jim is part of the team that helped build this hospital, and he was promoted to Director of Facilities in 2014.

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center is a place where employees feel empowered to grow their skills, and that is evident in the career paths of two individuals who celebrate 15 years with HCA this year—Cath Lab CV Technician Chris Anderson and Imaging Center Mammography Technician Heather Glasshoff.

Chris started with HCA as a transporter, worked his way up to the Cath Lab, then learned electrophysiology. He joined Spotsylvania Regional in 2014, where he was able to learn Interventional Radiology. This mix of skills and a passion for patient care made him a dynamic asset to the team. In his 15 years with HCA, Chris has helped save more lives than we can imagine.

Heather started as a radiology file clerk at HCA’s LewisGale Medical Center. On the job, she studied radiology to become an AART-registered radiology technologist. She then jumped at the opportunity to help open Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Heather helped build and establish the X-ray department here, then learned mammography and became our lead mammographer. Patients know her by name, and she has accumulated many “regulars” over the years.

Rewarding careers and second-to-none patient care go hand in hand. We also want to recognize employees celebrating their 5- and 10-year anniversaries with HCA.

10 Years of HCA Service

  • Laura Ploeger
  • Heather Roche

5 Years of Service

  • Ashley Megan Ball
  • Marsha Kay Colburn
  • Lisa Elgeti
  • Christi Lynn Larrivee
  • Leah Christa Blake
  • Laura B. Jones
  • Aimee J. Suwinski
  • John Dennis Hildebrand
  • Katrina S. Pifer
  • Julius Neil Ege Solis
  • Kathleen Louise Cochran
  • Karen H. Mittura
  • Melissa Ann Sharp
  • Lisa Elizabeth Gaulard
  • Jessica Lynn Berry
  • Rebecca Ann Crowder
  • Micah K. Finn
  • Theresa H. Allen
  • Scott Michael Flavin
  • Michelle Lynn Chewning
  • Evette Chantelle Garcia
  • Melissa Munsell McIntosh
  • Matthew Allen Bursley
  • Martina Tanaya Hart
  • Joseph Raymond Jennings
  • Josephine Rahaman Bissoon
  • Meseret Ayalew-Cole
  • Dana Kiersted Crowe
  • Marianna K. Godfrey
  • Ramon Limquiaco Locsin
  • Sara DeMatteo
  • Carol Driscoll
  • Anas R. Huggi
  • Robin D. Williams
  • Christine Elizabeth Roberson