HCA Virginia - November 14, 2022

If your doctor has recommended knee replacement surgery, you may have the option to have robotic-assisted surgery.

Most people who need joint replacement surgery have a condition called osteoarthritis. Around 12 percent of adults in the U.S. have osteoarthritis in the knee joint. Knee replacement is one of the best options for patients who are experiencing pain and disability due to osteoarthritis.

Pain and mobility are greatly improved after knee replacement surgery. Traditional knee replacement can include a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period. Robotic surgery can improve recovery time and positively impact overall outcomes and quality of life.

A closer look at robotic knee replacement

Robotic knee replacement uses a special technology before and during a knee replacement to design a treatment plan based on your knee structure. Before surgery, a special CT scan is done to create a high tech 3-D model of your knee’s anatomy. This model is used to help your surgeon plan the procedure.

During the surgery, the robotic system and the 3-D model are used to help guide the surgeon to those areas of bone that need to be removed. The knee joint is removed and a prosthesis is placed. This technique allows the surgeon to focus on removing only the damaged areas leaving the healthy bones and ligaments. This reduces the risk of affecting other areas of the knee, such as muscles and ligaments, that are important for a faster recovery. The overall goal is to get you back on your feet and moving without pain, sooner.

Benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery

Robotic knee replacement has many benefits, including:

  • The ability to create a personalized treatment plan
  • Use of smaller incisions
  • Shorter time in surgery
  • Less scarring and blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery
  • Better outcomes for prosthesis fit and wear

Take the next steps

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