HCA Virginia - June 01, 2018

Every 20 seconds a heart attack occurs and at Henrico Doctors’ Hospitals, we have the resources and rehabilitation services necessary to help our patients get back on their feet. Greg, a patient and heart attack survivor, was looking to fully restore his quality of life and with the help of Parham Doctors’ Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation program, he has become one of our most remarkable recovery stories.

On August 30th of 2016, Greg suffered from a heart attack. After waking up several weeks later, Greg had no feeling in his hands, legs or feet and was transferred to Parham Doctors’ Hospital’s rehabilitation program to begin recovery. “I was determined to walk again, one way or the other, I was going to make that happen,” said Greg.

During week one, Greg met with Dr. Roger Giordano and his physical and occupational rehab therapy team to develop a customized recovery plan. Getting started was tough for Greg, but during that first week, Greg learned how to raise his arm and hands. The second week Greg began to learn how to walk again. “After many people had told me that I may never walk again, I’ll never forget the moment my wife saw me stand up with a walker and take those first steps,” said Greg. That week, Greg was able to walk 12 feet the first day, 100 feet the second day, and 200 feet on the third.

To Dr. Giordano and the rehabilitation team, Greg was an astounding miracle. However, in Greg’s words, “I’m not the miracle. The doctors that brought me back to life, the nurses that took care of me, and the rehab team that taught me how to walk, talk, and use my hands again… they are the miracle. The Parham Doctors’ team gave me a second chance at life, I am just lucky. They are truly that great.”

After just a few short months, Greg was back to full recovery and quickly resumed his day-to-day normalcy with his wife. His hobbies and interests include computer programming, restoring antique cars, and designing and building engines. As a result of his hard work and his supportive care team, Greg is able to enjoy all of his favorite activities, with no exceptions. He gives all of the credit to his rehabilitation partners in care at Parham Doctors’ Hospital.

“These are special people and I am eternally grateful to them. I walk because of them, I talk because of them, and I use my hands because of them,” said Greg. “Parham Doctors’ Hospital is the place to be, they do the job right.”