Women's specialists in Alleghany County

Whether you are expecting your first child or going through menopause, the women's care program at LewisGale Hospital Alleghany brings individualized care to women of all ages in Low Moor and the surrounding communities. As part of HCA Virginia, our services include access to our network of hospitals and experienced women's specialists who are committed to helping you maintain your optimal health using the latest technologies and treatments.

For more information about our women's services or to find a women's care provider, please call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse® line at (877) 242-2362.

Our women's healthcare services

Our skilled medical professionals are ready to help you take charge of your health with preventive and diagnostic medicine, as well as extensive treatment options, for a range of medical conditions affecting women. We will be there with you every step of the way with your health concerns.

Our women's health services include:

Breast health

When it comes to preventing breast cancer, early detection is your best defense. The specialists in our breast health center administer diagnostic exams using the latest in breast imaging technology to detect abnormalities as early as possible.

Schedule a Mammogram

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online. For assistance scheduling your screening or diganostic mammogram please call 540-862-6879.

Women's cancer care

We provide both surgical procedures as well as infusion services to treat a range of cancers, including those specific to women, as part of our cancer care program. Our surgical oncologists remove malignant tumors to prevent the spread of breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, among others. We also offer in-house outpatient chemotherapy treatment and genetic testing to assess our patients' cancer risk.

Emotional wellness

When it comes to mental health, we understand the challenges women face. Many women experience anxiety or depression at some point in their lives. If you or a loved one needs emotional or behavioral health support, our compassionate specialists are here to help you find the care you need.

For women 55 and older needing immediate mental health support, we offer a short-term inpatient mental health program. Our interdisciplinary team helps senior women address and manage behavioral health concerns using individual and group therapy, skills training and medication management.

Gynecologic services

Our gynecologists treat patients using a caring medical approach. Our specialists provide gynecologic services ranging from routine well-woman exams to complex surgery.

Women's heart health

Cardiologists within our cardiovascular program have extensive experience in preventing and treating heart disease. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease is the number one killer of American women. Heart attack symptoms can present differently in women and include nausea, jaw pain, pain in the lower abdomen and extreme fatigue. Regular well-woman visits and a strong relationship with your healthcare provider are the best ways to stave off heart disease.

Bone care

If you or a loved one are concerned about osteoporosis (brittle bones that break easily due to age), our imaging center offers bone density screenings, a noninvasive diagnostic procedure measures bone loss and assesses various risk factors. This simple exam requires no anesthesia and uses very little radiation — less than one-tenth the amount in a standard X-ray.

Women's care at HCA Virginia

Whether you are in adolescence or menopause, seeking preventive care or treatment, your individual needs come first. Our commitment is to support you through every stage of life.

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