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COVID-19 and Pregnancy - An Update for our Patients

We would like to take this opportunity to update you about your maternity care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and assure you that our dedicated team of expert nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to providing the safest and most effective care.

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The Women’s Hospital at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital has provided Henrico County with expert maternity care for more than 30 years, delivering approximately 4,000 babies every year. We consider this a privilege, and are committed to doing everything we can to prepare you for labor and delivery and to help you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

For more information about Henrico Doctors' Hospital's childbirth center or for help finding a doctor, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line at (804) 320-3627 (DOCS).


For high-quality outcomes and care, The Women’s Hospital has received the Healthgrades Labor and Delivery Excellence Award and five-star recognition for both C-sections and vaginal deliveries. Additionally, we were the first hospital in Virginia to earn The Joint Commission’s Perinatal Care Certification for providing safe, patient-centered experiences before and after birth.

Comprehensive maternity services

Our maternity services include:

Prenatal care

Whether you’re starting or expanding your family, we help you stay healthy, plan for birth and prepare for newborn care with prenatal care services.

Meet our Perinatal Nurse Navigator

Kendall Pacoe, attended Radford University for her nursing prerequisites and graduated from South University, with her RN, BSN in June of 2019.  After completing her Senior Preceptorship here at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, in the Mother Baby Unit, she was offered a job in August of 2019.  Kendall has had a lifelong passion for babies and gained invaluable patient care experience working in the Mother Baby Unit over the last two years. 

She will help guide high-risk patients through their pregnancy, counseling them along the way. Her passion for patient education and care is an asset to the patients and their families, as she navigates them through their high-risk pregnancy.

To reach our Perinatal Nurse Navigator directly, you can email Kendall Pacoe or call her at (804) 200-7534 or (804) 297-1547.

Our prenatal services include:

  • High-risk pregnancy care — In partnership with Commonwealth Perinatal, we offer comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care. This includes maternal-fetal medicine doctors who will help you and your baby stay safe and healthy.
  • Personalized birth planning — Our birth coordinator helps you design your perfect birth experience. You can take advantage of our midwifery services and low-intervention birth options, such as natural pain management, wireless and water-submersible fetal monitoring, aromatherapy, delayed umbilical cord clamping and immediate skin-to-skin contact. We also welcome and support doula care and can connect you to a private doula in the area.
  • One-on-one guidance — If you’re having a scheduled birth or cesarean section (C-section), you’ll meet with our nurses to discuss how to prepare and what to expect.
For more information about our high-risk pregnancy services, call our perinatal navigator at (804) 297-1547.

Important Information

All maternity education classes are being offered virtually with the exception of infant CPR, prenatal yoga, safe ride and low-intervention birth classes. Please visit our calendar to register for the most up-to-date class times. Thank you.

Birth center tours

We offer the opportunity for expectant parents to familiarize themselves with our birth center before labor and delivery. During our guided tour, you will:

  • Have a chance to ask questions about your hospital stay
  • Learn where to check-in on the big day
  • Peek into the well-baby nursery
  • See our labor and delivery unit and postpartum area up close

Can't attend a tour in person? Watch the online tour of our birth center here, or use the interactive widget below.

Birth center tours are free, but registration is required. Sign up by calling (804) 320-3627.

Maternity classes

Our experts teach maternity classes to help you learn to trust your instincts and feel confident in becoming a new parent. These classes provide the opportunity to learn up-to-date information and advice about pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. Some of our classes are also designed just for dads, grandparents or siblings, ensuring your entire support team can be prepared for your baby's arrival.

Register for maternity classes

Preregister for delivery

Labor and delivery

Our labor and delivery unit offers:

  • A private, intimate labor experience — Our hospital features renovated, spa-like rooms. We also offer soaking tubs for hydrotherapy, color therapy lighting, private bathrooms and comfortable sleeping arrangements for your partner.
  • A medical team that is ready for anything — Our team is here for whatever you need, 24/7. We have advanced obstetric technology and resources, including dedicated operating rooms nearby for unplanned or emergency C-sections.
  • Welcoming, family-friendly setting — Snacks and a family kitchen are available for you and your partner. Your extended family will also have plenty of room in our spacious waiting areas.
  • Valet parking and convenient access — There is no need to stress about getting in and out of our facility. We provide stress-free access to The Women’s Hospital, including ample free parking and valet services at two entrances.

Postpartum care and ongoing support

Following your child's birth, we provide you with postpartum care to help you begin the recovery process, start breastfeeding (if desired) and learn to care for your baby.

Our postpartum services include:

  • Access to donor milk — If your child needs more breast milk than you can supply, we offer human milk from donors.
  • Comprehensive breastfeeding support — Our board-certified lactation consultants are available to help you and your baby learn to breastfeed, if you desire. After you return home from the hospital, you can talk to a lactation consultant or sign up for one of our breastfeeding support groups by calling (804) 289-4977.
  • Family-centered care — We support couplet care, also known as "rooming in," so you can bond with your newborn in a private setting. This means your baby stays with you in your room at all times, even during examinations. Additionally, the same nurse will provide continuous care for you and your child.
  • Ongoing support and counseling — It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the challenges of motherhood, but we are here to help you. To learn about our postpartum depression services, please call (804) 977-5862.

Neonatal intensive care

Sometimes babies need extra support after birth. This may be because of certain health conditions or unexpected complications during labor and birth. This is why our hospital has an in-house, 40-bed Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that provides:

  • Around-the-clock readiness — Our infant resuscitation team and other caregivers are ready to handle emergencies at a moment’s notice. We also have a physician on-site 24/7 so we don't have to wait for on-call support to arrive if your baby needs immediate care in the middle of the night.
  • Gentle critical care — Our NICU cares for the most fragile babies, including babies born before 32 weeks gestation or who weigh less than 3.3 pounds. The NICU features 33 private rooms, four sets of connected rooms for twins and a Level II Progressive Care Nursery.
  • Expertise in treating newborns affected by substance abuse — We treat newborns with withdrawal symptoms caused by neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Our maternal substance use disorder program offers respectful care and support to moms and infants addicted to opioids or other substances.
  • Top neonatal specialists — Our experienced NICU team is led by neonatologists. It includes neonatal clinical nurse specialists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, feeding and swallowing therapists, pharmacists, social workers and lactation consultants.

Family-centered neonatal care

To help you and your family during your child's NICU stay, we offer:

  • 24/7 visitation — ou are able to stay by your baby’s side for as long as you want, and we encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s care. We also welcome visitation with siblings and grandparents whenever possible.
  • A family support lounge — Our spacious lounge is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and wireless internet.
  • An extra pair of hands — Our Cuddler Program offers carefully trained volunteers who hold, read to and console NICU babies when you can’t be present.
  • Support services through the March of Dimes — Henrico Doctors’ Hospital partners with the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program. Through this partnership, you can request educational materials and bedside support that will help you care for your baby in the NICU and at home. For more information, call our local March of Dimes program coordinator at (804) 289-4732.

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Pregnancy and postpartum support groups

The Women’s Hospital offers a range of support groups that meet regularly. There is no need to register or call to reserve a spot in one of the following support groups. All support groups always take place at the same time each month/week.

Our support groups include:

  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group — This support group is intended for parents and adult family members who are grieving the loss of a baby, including miscarriages, stillbirths, infant deaths and terminations. The group is free and open to anyone in the community. It meets on the first Thursday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Henrico Doctors' Hospital.
  • Moms Supporting Moms — This is not a substance abuse treatment group. Rather, it is a monthly support group for pregnant women and moms who are currently experiencing a substance abuse disorder, in medicated assisted treatment or in recovery. The group provides attendees with the opportunity to discuss fears, challenges and hopes for pregnancy and beyond in a supportive and respectful environment. The group is open to the community and meets the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00am. It meets at Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services, 3908 Nine Mile Road, Henrico, VA 23223.
  • Safe Circle RVA — In association with our sister hospital, Parham Doctors’ Hospital, Safe Circle RVA offers support groups for pregnant and postpartum women who are struggling with substance use disorders. To learn more about these meetings, please call (804) 289-4972 or email.

Labor and delivery at HCA Virginia

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your partner in care, we provide a customized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

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