Child and teen psychological care in Richmond, Virginia

Tucker Pavilion at Chippenham Hospital provides treatment programs uniquely designed for children 5 to 12 years old and adolescents 13 to 17 years old with emotional and behavioral health issues. Our services include inpatient stabilization and individualized recovery care plans that make safety and stabilization top priorities.

We also offer outpatient, short-term partial hospitalization care for adolescents 13 to 17 years old. This program provides a flexible treatment option for teens who need intensive, outpatient support, evaluation by a psychiatrist or a gradual transition from an inpatient setting.

If you or a loved one may be in crisis, Tucker Pavilion can help. Call our 24-hour behavioral health access line at (804) 483-0050.

Child inpatient mental health care program

Our inpatient program offers stabilization for children and adolescents 5 to 17 years old who are in need of acute inpatient treatment. Objectives of this program include a preliminary diagnosis, initiation of treatment and connecting patients and their families with outpatient community resources. However, every patient is unique. Each will progress toward treatment goals at their own pace. To be sure patients continue to recover, progress is evaluated daily, however, the average length of hospital stay is five to seven days.

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What to expect in the child inpatient program

Upon admission, members of the treatment team gather information from the patient and the parent or legal guardian to complete the assessments related to:

  • Activity/recreation
  • General physical health
  • Nursing needs
  • Patient strengths
  • Psychiatric care needs
  • Psycho-social abilities

We also measure ongoing progress using a variety of therapies and activities, such as:

  • Community/reflection meetings
  • Group discussion on mental wellness topics, such as emotions, coping, family, social skills and symptom management
  • Journal assignments
  • Leisure and quiet times
  • Medication changes
  • Patient goal-setting sessions and progress reviews
  • Pet therapy (a form of alternative therapy)
  • Sleep assessment
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Yoga

Aftercare planning begins on admission, and outpatient plans will be arranged prior to discharge.

Adolescent outpatient mental health care program

We’re committed to providing short-term mental health services and offering an outpatient partial hospitalization program (PHP) for the treatment of adolescents. An adolescent PHP is available as a step-down from our inpatient care program for patients who need additional structure and more intensive outpatient care and support. The program offers treatment during the day with the convenience of being home with loved ones in the evening.

Who can benefit from the PHP

This program is designed to help a patient who:

  • Is 13 to 17 years old
  • May be experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties
  • May have recently had an inpatient psychiatric admission and needs to step-down to a structured support program
  • May have symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or other obstacles when functioning in everyday situations
  • Needs support to achieve stabilization
  • Needs to develop coping and stress-management skills
To learn more about our adolescent PHP, including our services for teen depression, please call (804) 521-8975.

What to expect in the PHP

Our PHP includes an evaluation by a psychiatrist, which is also helpful if the patient is transitioning from an inpatient setting. Treatment in the PHP includes:

  • Evidence-based recovery model based on cognitive behavioral therapy and didactic behavioral therapy
  • Individual and family interventions
  • Intensive group therapy addressing the developmental and social challenges of adolescents
  • Psychiatric and medication evaluation
  • Social and recreational practice opportunities focused on building resiliency

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