Chippenham Hospital is HCA Healthcare’s only provisional level I burn center in Virginia. A partnership with the Burn and Reconstruction Centers of America, the burn and wound program’s team is made up of nationally-recognized, highly-trained specialists with extensive burn experience for both adult and pediatric burn patients.

Chippenham’s burn care team

Our specialized team works with each patient and his/her care team of friends and family members to create an individualized burn and wound care plan. We use the latest medical advancements in surgeries and skin substitutes to help our patients regain nervous and muscular function and feel comfortable about their appearance.

Outpatient burn care

In addition to our inpatient burn program, our outpatient services for burn patients include postoperative surgery discharge management, as well as care for acute and chronic wounds, skin disorders, and soft tissue disorders.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Our hospitals were the first in central Virginia to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)—an advanced treatment for wound healing. Depending on the treatment plan, HBOT is usually outpatient, and involves breathing pure oxygen in a sealed, pressurized environment to help push oxygen into your blood plasma. This stimulates blood vessel growth in damaged tissues and is effective in fighting some types of infection.