LOW MOOR, Va. — LewisGale Hospital Alleghany today announced expanded coverage of Cardiovascular services through telehealth located at the facility. Consult coverage is now available seven days a week for non-emergent cases. Depending on the patient’s needs, providers will determine whether a telehealth visit is right for them.

Melanie Hinkle, PA, a full-time cardiology specialist at LewisGale Hospital Alleghany, will facilitate this new option working with cardiologists at LewisGale Physicians in Salem.

Inpatients now have a real-time consult with their cardiology provider during after hours at a facility in their community, rather than being transferred to one elsewhere. This expanded coverage allows patients to be seen in a more timely manner, leading to quicker diagnosis and possible treatments. It underscores the hospital's commitment to allowing patients to stay local for treatment as much as possible.

“Our number one priority is caring for those in our community, be it concerns related to the pandemic or during routine health events. Our expanded offering provides more hours for a cardiologist to spend with patients in their community,” said Lee Higginbotham, chief executive officer. “The technology integrates seamlessly into our existing workflows. Patients will be able to see their doctor on a screen and receive vital information as if the doctor was sitting right across from the patient.”