Chippenham Hospital
March 22, 2021

Richmond, Va. (March 22, 2021)HCA Virginia’s Chippenham and Johnston-Willis hospitals have partnered with LOVEVOLVE®, a maker of art and textile goods imprinted with the message of love, to wrap all newborn babies born in their maternity wards with locally designed and ethically made LOVE Blankets.

The LOVEVOLVE Swaddle Mission program seeks to wrap every baby in love, literally, from the moment of birth. Through their participation, Chippenham and Johnston-Willis join a growing list of hospitals working with LOVEVOLVE to provide LOVE Blankets to babies and their families.

The design of these swaddle blankets — colorful groupings of the word “love” — was inspired by research that found seeing and thinking positive words like “love” can change your brain, leading to more compassion for yourself and others, increased resiliency, thinking more clearly, enhanced creativity and communicating with others more authentically. The design colors were selected to complement all skin tones, sending a visual message of inclusivity and support to all family ethnicities, structures, and circumstances.

“With every birth, there is a unique story, and by joining this program we are able to help write the initial chapters of that life’s journey,” said William Lunn, chief executive officer at Chippenham Hospital. “We are excited to provide our tiniest patients and their families with a beautiful, comforting blanket, while also giving back to the community.”

Along with a LOVE Blanket, each family will receive resources on healthy relationships from the One Love Foundation, which empowers people to learn how to love better.

“LOVEVOLVE was founded on the belief that seeing the word LOVE can spark important conversations, promote wellbeing, and community, and remind us of what matters most,” said Sunny Stack Goode, artist and founder of LOVEVOLVE. “There is no time quite as humbling, beautiful, and overwhelming as when you welcome a new baby into the world. It’s our hope that Swaddle Mission and this visual reminder of love will help caretakers as they navigate this new chapter in their lives, and lead to stronger communities for the future. We are delighted to expand with HCA Virginia on this initiative.”

LOVE Blankets are made from 100 percent organic cotton muslin and produced using fair trade fabrics in an ethically principled factory. The dyes used to print the “love” patterns in various colors are azo-free and product zero waste.

LOVEVOLVE Swaddle Mission began in September 2020. LOVEVOLVE will donate five percent of profits made from this hospital blanket program each year to the One Love Foundation, which was founded in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love.

For more information about LOVEVOLVE and its Swaddle Mission program, visit the Love Evolve website.