Women's health services in Pulaski, Virginia

At LewisGale Hospital Pulaski, we understand that women's health issues differ from men in both distinct and subtle ways. Beyond providing comprehensive breast health and gynecologic services, we offer advanced technologies to treat heart and vascular conditions and advanced lung cancers, both conditions that affect more women every year. We are dedicated to delivering expert, relationship-based care that addresses the needs of the women in Pulaski County and the surrounding areas.

For more information about our women's services or to find a women's care provider, please call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse® line at (877) 242-2362.

Our women's health services

No matter what stage of life you're in, you can get the attention you need at LewisGale Hospital Pulaski and through our extensive network of specialists with HCA Virginia. Our skilled medical professionals are ready to help you take charge of your health with preventive and diagnostic medicine, as well as extensive treatment options.

Our hospital provides a full scope of women's care to treat body and mind. These services include:

Breast health

Breast health is best maintained through regular and early screening. Our breast imaging center uses state-of-the-art technology to screen and diagnose abnormalities. Our physicians and technologists use 3D mammogram technology to detect problems sooner, so you get the care you need.

Schedule a Mammogram

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online. For assistance scheduling your screening or diagnostic mammogram please call 540-994-8509.

Advanced cancer care program

Accredited by Commission on Cancer with a Silver Level Commendation, our cancer care program meets a high standard of excellence. Next to breast cancer, lung cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. Our hospital is equipped with the latest in medical technologies to detect lung cancer at the earliest stages. Using advanced radiation therapy treatment, our oncologists can better target hard-to-reach tumors in cancers of the lung and breast. In addition to surgical treatment and chemotherapy, our hospital frequently offers clinical trials for breast, lung and ovarian cancers, among others.

Emotional and behavioral wellbeing

Our hospital takes all aspects of your health seriously, including your mental health. Our Transitions Behavioral Health facility is an inpatient program that treats mental health and addiction disorders. The goal of this short-term program is to help patients get stabilized and transition to a less acute level of care. Our facility provides patient quarters, quiet spaces, therapy rooms, a dining room and a courtyard.

Gynecologic care

We offer high-quality gynecologic services to women of all ages in Pulaski County. Our hospital can provide you with the gynecologic care and expertise you need, whether you require a well-woman exam or gynecologic surgery.

Heart health in women

As an American College of Cardiology-accredited (ACC) Chest Pain Center, our hospital constantly strives to meet high standards of care for patients experiencing cardiac events. We understand that heart attack symptoms present differently in women than in men and include lightheadedness, jaw pain, lower abdominal pain and nausea. Our emergency room is prepared to provide patients with life-saving cardiac care 24/7.

If you think you are having a heart attack, call 911 immediately.

Bone density screening

As women age, osteoporosis and bone fractures become more common. Our imaging center offers bone density tests to assess these concerns using minimal radiation. These noninvasive diagnostic procedures measure bone loss and help us assess various risk factors. Bone density screenings requires no anesthesia and uses very little radiation — less than one-tenth the amount in a standard X-ray.

Women's care at HCA Virginia

Whether you are in adolescence or menopause, seeking preventive care or treatment, your individual needs come first. Our commitment is to support you through every stage of life.

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