Substance use treatment at Dominion Hospital

Whether you currently struggle with alcohol, opiates or any substance — all patients are welcome to begin the healing process at Dominion Hospital. We are proud to identify as a harm reduction facility, focused on safety and improving the lives of each individual — whether their goal is sobriety, improved mental health or learning to better manage their substance use.

The staff at our hospital is dedicated to providing the behavioral health care and skills to help each patient we serve start their personal journey of recovery. We are proud to be Northern Virginia’s leading hospital-based detox unit.

Medically supervised detox

At Dominion Hospital, we not only promote harm reduction, but we also prioritize helping each patient regain their life through a variety of therapy programs and appropriate medical care. We believe any time is a convenient time to seek the help you need.

We offer a variety of behavioral health services and amenities through our medically supervised detox program, such as:

  • Evaluation and intervention services for an initial assessment and treatment plan
  • Three to seven-day detoxification program from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and various other addictive substances in a medically safe and monitored environment
  • Certified addictionologist on staff (a physician specializing in the medical care of patients with substance use disorders)
  • Support groups and additional resources, including:
    • Aftercare services and connecting patients with community resources, such as outpatient psychiatry and housing support
    • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings available at our hospital for individuals interested in pursuing 12-step programming
    • Family support through aftercare planning
    • Daily group therapy based on trauma-informed care, safety, and harm reduction

Individualized rehabilitation

The specialists at our hospital recognize the importance of an individualized treatment plan. Each patient is assigned a primary counselor or social worker responsible for providing dedicated care.

Following detox, patients may continue with education and outpatient group therapies with our community-based partners, while maintaining a healthy family and work-life balance.

Personalized care and support

When you receive care at Dominion Hospital, your health and well-being are our top priority. Our team does everything they can to ensure you have all the continued care and support you need to achieve and maintain your substance use goals.

Upon admission, every patient receives a thorough physical examination and evaluation to determine the need for further treatment. In addition to a healthy, medically supervised detox and individualized treatment plan, we ensure every patient eats a healthy diet. Patients also receive daily conferences with their physician to review diagnostic reports, progress, discharge status and future recovery plans.

All of our patients are medically supervised through a safe detoxification and withdrawal process. Each patient receives 24/7 care from our medical team who are trained in the specialty of addictionology.

Dual diagnosis

When a person feels sad, hopeless or exhausted, addressing substance use issues is a special challenge that may be difficult to face. However, there is hope and help at Dominion Hospital. Our teams of experts are compassionate and understanding. They have deep knowledge about the link between substance use and mental health. This can allow you to seek appropriate treatment, letting us address both issues to make recovery possible.

Understanding a dual diagnosis

When someone has a mental health illness as well as a substance abuse issue, it is referred to as "dual diagnosis." This is different than "co-occurring disorders," in which a patient may have one or more of a variety of diseases along with their substance abuse issue.

Mental health and substance abuse

In 2018, more than 9 million adults in the U.S. experienced both mental health and substance abuse issues. In part, many people use alcohol and drugs to deal with the symptoms of a psychiatric illness. This is often referred to as "self-medicating." Unfortunately, although the effects of alcohol or drugs can provide temporary relief from feelings such as anxiety and depression, they can ultimately have the opposite effect. When the bad feelings return, a cycle begins, leading to continued use and, often, addiction.

Intersect program for dual diagnosis

Dominion Hospital’s co-occurring substance use program (Intersect) is a treatment track within our inpatient and outpatient adolescent behavioral health and adult behavioral health programs. The Intersect program is for individuals who have a dual diagnosis. (They must have been identified as having both a mental health diagnosis and a regular use of drugs, including alcohol.) It's critical that both conditions are properly diagnosed to ensure treatment is appropriate and effective.

Our treatment plan integrates medication evaluation, medication management and group therapy. Most medications used to treat psychiatric disorders — proven safe and effective for long-term use — are not addictive. Additionally, participating in Intersect groups can help provide structure and positive peer feedback. In these ways, patients begin to learn important information about drugs, alcohol and behavioral health. This helps them begin to develop adaptive coping skills to aid in long-term recovery.

Our approach to care

The goal of the Intersect program is to treat the individual as a whole, addressing both symptoms of substance use and behavioral health conditions. We believe in enhancing an individual’s capacity for positive change by creating an environment of acceptance. Here, issues related to the use of substances can be explored and changed, facilitated in a supportive and encouraging space.

What to expect in the program

The best approach to treatment is an integrated, individualized, patient-centered and holistic program combined with appropriate social support. We provide this through improved communication, training in coping skills and modeling personal accountability. It allows individuals to gradually gain healthy abilities to manage their symptoms.

The Intersect program is grounded in the following principles:

  • Belief in human capacity to change
  • Belief that family and social support are the cornerstones of recovery
  • Dedication to evidence-based treatments
  • Dedication to trauma-informed care

Admissions to Dominion Hospital substance use program

Preadmission screenings, insurance verification and more information are available by calling an admission counselor 24/7 at (703) 538-2872.