Mental health services in Richmond, Virginia

At Parham Doctors' Hospital, we recognize emotional wellness as an essential part of a person's overall health. That is why we offer extensive behavioral health services at our Center for Emotional Growth. Here, our programs use evidence-based behavioral practices to engage patients in treatment and foster positive outcomes.

To learn more about the behavioral health programs offered at Parham Doctors’ Hospital's Center for Emotional Growth, call (804) 672-4370.

Our behavioral health approach

The care we provide is centered on addressing all aspects of wellness through a holistic treatment approach. It focuses on interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, spirit, culture, relationship, context and environment. Each mental health treatment plan is centered specifically on each patient’s wellness and recovery needs, employing inpatient and partial hospitalization care as needed. Treatment plans focus on recovery from life events, such as trauma, to reducing the probability for sustained development or behavioral symptoms.

Inpatient behavioral health services

Our inpatient services are designed to provide intensive treatment to voluntary and involuntary patients 18 years old and older. This program uses an interdisciplinary, therapeutic team approach. We implement patient-centered treatment to promote wellness and recovery with the development of individual coping strategies.

Inpatient treatment plans

Your physician-led care plan may include:

  • Active psychiatric treatment with 24-hour access to a psychiatrist
  • Medication administration and monitoring for patients, if needed
  • After-care plans to address post-hospitalization needs
  • Collaborative care with your community providers during and after the course of treatment

Outpatient partial hospitalization program (PHP)

Parham Doctors' Hospital is dedicated to short-term behavioral health services for adults. This includes our PHPs for adults, which provide an intensive outpatient treatment setting for patients who are having a hard time maintaining daily routines due to anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions.

This program serves people who could benefit from intensive behavioral health support and psychiatric evaluation. It provides patients a convenient space devoted to their unique treatment needs. Additionally, it offers flexible treatment options for patients who need a gradual transition from an inpatient stay or who need more structure but do not require inpatient treatment.

The program also provides flexibility for providers who wish to directly admit to the program.

To learn more about our adult PHP, please call us at (804) 672-4380.

Substance abuse PHP (SA-PHP)

Our highly structured and time-limited outpatient experience—the SA-PHP—treats individuals who are seeking recovery from substance abuse. The program adopts the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria and treatment principles specific to the partial hospitalization level of care. It is staffed by qualified physicians, nursing staff and certified substance abuse counselors.

To learn more about our substance abuse partial hospitalization program, call us at (804) 672-4380.

SA-PHP components

Our treatment program is designed to create positive changes in the home and social settings by recognizing underlying factors that are contributing to the issue. We accomplish this via the following services and interventions:

  • Daily progress meetings between the patient and staff to identify symptoms and goals
  • Discharge planning and resource identification
  • Family meetings to provide education on creating a healthy support system
  • Individualized, self-directed assignments focused on relapse prevention, self-discovery and insights into behavior
  • Introduction to community recovery support, including 12-step programs
  • Meetings with assigned clinicians to identify strengths, needs and available support
  • Medication, as appropriate, and health education
  • Patient-centered goal setting and treatment planning
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Structured group therapy sessions focused on education, awareness and recovery principles

This program operates Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

SA-PHP admission criteria

Candidates for the SA-PHP:

  • Cannot be actively suicidal, homicidal or physically aggressive
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must have a primary substance abuse diagnosis or secondary substance abuse diagnosis in addition to psychiatric factors where the substance abuse diagnosis is creating an impairment in everyday life

Additionally, the SA-PHP requires participants to abstain from substance use while being treated in the program.

Direct admission to the Center for Emotional Growth

The Center for Emotional Growth’s process for direct admission is designed to be easy for providers who are interested in timely admission of voluntary patients into our behavioral health units. Once a member of our behavioral health assessment team confirms a patient is “medically clear,” stopping in the emergency room may not be necessary. However, a COVID-19 testing requirement will be discussed upon inquiry.

For admission requests, please call us at (844) 216-5105*. *this line is for medical providers only. If you are a patient looking for admission requests, please call us at (804) 672-4370; For outpatient requests, please call (804) 672-4380.

Behavioral health at HCA Virginia

Behavioral health refers to the medical practice of taking care of patients’ mental health care. Mental health care refers to the treatment and care of diseases like depression, anxiety and many more. Treatment often involves some form of psychotherapy.

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