Not every hospital can rise to the challenges of trauma treatment – but at HCA Virginia’s hospitals, we do. We're experts in saving lives. With our hospitals maintaining three of the 15 trauma centers in Virginia, our Level II (Chippenham Hospital and Henrico Doctors' Hospital) and Level III (Johnston-Willis Hospital) trauma centers are prepared and qualified to care for you.

If you are critically ill or injured, our specially trained medical professionals with specialized equipment converge at your bedside as soon as you arrive in the ER. We deliver care immediately, with a rapid and systematic protocol that ensures you receive the critical attention you need as quickly as possible.

We meet the standards

In Virginia, the trauma center verification process is voluntary and intended to identify the various levels of capability available at participating hospitals. Trauma center standards are based upon the American College of Surgeons’ and the American College of Emergency Physicians’ national standards. There are three levels in the commonwealth:

  • Level I: Facilities that are capable of providing total care for every aspect of injury from prevention to rehabilitation
  • Level II: Facilities that are able to initiate definitive care for all injured patients
  • Level III: Facilities that have demonstrated an ability to provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, surgery, intensive care and stabilization of injured patients, and emergency operations.

Being state-recognized trauma centers means we voluntarily provide a higher level of care for the most critically injured patients. It also means our standards are reviewed and updated each year based on national standards published by the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

We go above and beyond

Our dedication to life during the critical “golden hour” of trauma, the first hour after trauma, can be seen by our ER and ICU capabilities. We go well above the minimum requirements for trauma centers, ensuring you receive the best possible care during your worst moments.

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