Advanced surgeries available to Virginians

With 10 advanced surgery facilities across Virginia, the HCA Virginia Institute of Robotic Surgery has performed more robotic-assisted surgeries than any other healthcare system in Virginia.

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Robotic-assisted surgery capabilities allow the highest trained surgeons to perform a variety surgeries with utmost precision and effectiveness. However, it’s important to understand that a robotic surgery system never makes an incision—or even a movement—on its own.

Your surgeon has extensive training and experience using robotic surgical equipment, and your surgeon remains in control of the robot at all times. The medical staff assisting your surgeon have also undergone additional training on the specific robotic system being used. The robot simply helps enhance your surgeon’s view of the surgical area and/or enables your surgeon to operate in small or hard-to-reach areas.

The benefits of robotic surgery

Both you and your medical team’s goal after a surgery is to restore your quality of life as quickly as possible.

At HCA hospitals in Virginia, robotic-assisted surgery techniques allow surgeons to make extremely small incisions. The convenience of such small incisions provide numerous benefits to patients, including less downtime after a surgery.

Additional benefits of robotic-assisted surgeries include:

  • Minimal scarring, due to smaller incisions
  • Less need for post-surgery pain medicine
  • Few surgical complications
  • Less blood loss
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • A faster recovery
  • Less time on the operating table

Robotic surgery systems used at HCA Virginia Hospitals

HCA Virginia strives to bring cutting-edge surgical technology to Virginians. In fact, some of our hospitals in Virginia have been the first or only healthcare facilities in the region to invest in certain robotic surgery systems. 

Below are the robotic surgical systems available at HCA Virginia facilities. 

The da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System uses both computer and robotic capabilities to treat conditions in multiple areas of the body. It’s considered to be the least invasive and most effective surgical technology.

When performing surgery with the da Vinci®, your surgeon uses the technology’s high-definition 3D camera to view a magnified image of the surgical site and insert miniature operating instruments that have far greater range of motion than the human hand.

The surgeon controls the robotic instruments, which translate as the surgeon’s movements. This type of precision is optimal when operating in small areas, such as the prostate.

The da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System is used to perform:

  • Urologic surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Gynecologic surgery
  • Head and neck surgery
  • General surgery
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Colorectal surgery

HCA Virginia’s Chippenham Hospital was the first in central Virginia to offer the Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology. This system is a treatment option for adults with mid to late-stage osteoarthritis (OA).

First, your medical services team will take a CT scan of the diseased joint. The CT scan will then be uploaded into the Mako® software, which creates a 3D model of your joint. Your surgeon will use this 3D model to preplan and customize the joint replacement surgery to your exact anatomy.

Guided by the 3D model, your surgeon uses the Mako® robotic-arm to remove diseased bone and cartilage within the joint, which ensures the surgeon stays within the pre-planned boundaries.

The Mako® is used to perform:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Partial knee replacement

HCA Virginia’s Parham Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond was the first hospital in central Virginia to adopt the Mazor X™ to enhance spinal surgeries. The Mazor X™ is used to treat patients with severe back pain or limited range of motion due to degenerative conditions and spinal deformities, such as scoliosis, slipped vertebrae or pinched nerves.

Mazor X™ technology allows your surgeon to create a personalized 3D blueprint of your surgical procedure prior to the operation. When in the operating room, your surgeon uses the preplanned surgical blueprint to enhance accuracy and efficiency.

HCA Virginia surgeons can use the Mazor X™ to place implants in spinal fusions, perform biopsies and inject bone cement during vertebroplasties, which stabilize compression fractures in the spine.

HCA Virginia hospitals with robotic surgery capabilities

HCA has 10 hospitals in Virginia that specialize in robotic surgery, so you can receive the most advanced surgical technologies close to home.

Central Virginia

Northern Virginia

Southwest Virginia

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