If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, take advantage of the expert staff and comprehensive prenatal care, birthing centers and postpartum services at HCA Virginia. We practice family-centered care and treat you with the skill and compassion you and your baby deserve.

We also have the resources you need to make your entire pregnancy as easy and comfortable as possible, including:

  • Hospital tours
  • Preconception counseling
  • Genetic counseling and fertility services
  • A comfortable environment where your doula or midwife is welcome
  • High-risk pregnancy perinatology and specialized obstetric care
  • Postpartum support and lactation services
  • Classes for you and your family before, during and after your pregnancy

If you have concerns about family history, age, complications with a previous pregnancy or health conditions that could affect your baby, we can help. Our tests can help determine your chances of a high-risk pregnancy or other genetic issues that may affect your family-planning options.

Fertility services

If you need a little help to start or expand your family, HCA Virginia’s fertility doctors can help you decide if fertility services are a good fit for you. Our facility services include laser laparoscopic surgery, ovulation induction and male-factor fertility services.

We offer extensive support and education for prenatal care to help you prepare for the best possible pregnancy and delivery. We encourage the whole family to get involved and attend any of our hospital tours or prenatal care classes, such as Labor Basics, Baby Basics and Breast-feeding. We offer an education plan for your entire pregnancy and beyond so you can enjoy time with baby as a healthy, confident parent.

We welcome your new baby into this world with large, private rooms and the very best doctors and specialists. Our secure maternity units also offer fetal monitoring with centralized viewing at the nurses' station, screens that can display your baby on the warming table and the only neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Central Virginia with a neonatologist on-site 24/7.

If you choose to work with a doula or a midwife during your pregnancy and birthing experience, we welcome those that work with our affiliated doctors or patients.

At HCA Virginia, our care for you, your baby and your family continues beyond delivery. We will help collect and submit information for your baby's birth certificate and Social Security number, and will provide screening and referrals for postpartum depression.

Outpatient lactation services

If you choose to breast-feed, we have specialists at The Lactation Center to help you get off to a healthy start. We also offer breast pumps and other lactation equipment for rent or purchase.

To make an appointment or request additional information, call The Lactation Center at (804) 289-4977.

HCA Virginia has more experience caring for mothers and babies considered high-risk than anyone else in the area. Our specialized perinatologists, also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists, can give you the advice you need to make informed decisions about your high-risk pregnancy.

Perinatal nurse navigator

Our perinatal nurse navigator can answer your questions, help you make appointments and make sure you have the resources you need.

Our perinatal nurse navigator can be reached at (804) 289-4704.

Classes and events

To register for classes or events, call 804-320-DOCS or (804) 320-3627. Please note that although most of our classes are free, a few are available for a nominal fee.


Preregister online for your delivery or appointments and save time.

More information about pregnancy and delivery

Check out our online health library for more information on pregnancy and delivery.