If you're considering plastic, reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, HCA Virginia's specialists can provide information, advice and a full range of surgical treatment options, including:

  • Plastic surgery: Plastic surgery refers to any surgery that reshapes or repairs body structures.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Reconstructive surgery is a type of plastic surgery that repairs deformities resulting from accidents, disease or birth defects. This type of surgery is intended to improve movement and minimize disfigurement.
  • Cosmetic surgery: Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that reshapes facial or body features to improve appearance.

Considering plastic surgery?

To help you determine if plastic surgery is right for you, talk with one of our specialists about treatment options. If you decide to proceed with surgery, you will meet with a plastic surgeon and will be provided with further details about your surgery and recovery.

After your surgery, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care doctor who will make sure your recovery is on track. You will be informed about any medications you’ll need, and a professional technician will assist you with the use of cosmetics to help conceal incisions, discoloration or swelling.

Learn more about plastic surgery at our online health library.

Payment for plastic surgery

Reconstructive surgical procedures may be covered by major insurers and health maintenance organizations (HMOs). Payment for consultations is due at the time of your visit. Payment for cosmetic procedures is due before the day of surgery, unless you have made an arrangement for an exception with your provider.