The hip allows the leg to move up and down and left to right. This happens because of a ball and socket joint surrounded by resilient muscle and ligaments. However, disease or injury can disturb the normal functioning of a joint, which can result in hip pain, muscle weakness, and limited movement.

How Do I know if I need a hip replacement?

When joint pain is severe and interferes with daily activities and work, joint replacement may be an option. Signs that it might be time for a hip replacement:

  • You’re no longer as mobile as you’d like to be
  • Your pain persists or recurs over time
  • Your hip aches during and after exercise
  • Medication and using a can aren’t delivering enough relief
  • Your hip stiffens up from sitting in a car or not moving for a certain period of time
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping
  • Your hip is stiff or swollen
  • You have difficulty walking or climbing stairs

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