HCA Virginia’s neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Hospital and Henrico Doctors' Hospital, offer top-quality care for the tiniest and most critically ill newborns. These units are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly-trained specialists who are experienced in and dedicated to your baby’s healthcare.

Specialized medical teams

Your baby's care team will be led by a neonatologist, a doctor with advanced training in caring for premature babies or babies with complications. The team members include neonatal clinical nurse specialists, nurses, respiratory care specialists, physical therapists, case managers, social workers and lactation consultants.

Some of our hospitals have volunteers called “Cuddlers,” who help hold and cuddle babies when parents have to return to work or care for other siblings. Ask your local nursing staff if Cuddlers are available in your area.

Specialized care

We're committed to family-centered care, which means we recognize and respect the special relationship between you and your baby. We believe parents are important members of their baby’s interdisciplinary neonatal care team, and we encourage parents to spend hands-on time with their baby. Siblings, grandparents and other visitors are also welcome, typically two at a time.

Our NICU facilities are designed to be safe and nurturing places for your baby and family. We control lighting and noise to be considerate of your baby’s developmental needs. You'll find family lounge areas, as well as resources to learn about caring for your baby.

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