Our intensive care unit (ICU) doctors and nurses are uniquely and continually trained to care for you when you are seriously ill or injured. They are also trained to provide family-centered care, so that you and your family experience attentive, compassionate and expert care around-the-clock.

Additionally, as an intermediate transition between intensive care and traditional inpatient care, our neurology and stroke, heart and vascular and surgical specialties offer step down units of care.

Advanced technology

At HCA Virginia, we're committed to using advanced technology to improve patient safety and outcomes. When you are in our intensive care units (ICUs), this includes the eICU Wide Area Treatment & Communication Hub (eWATCH). eWATCH doesn't replace our on-site caregivers, instead, it offers our monitoring team access to real-time vital signs, test results and other important information as it develops. eWATCH also uses software that tracks vital-sign trends and provides alerts so caregivers can intervene quickly when necessary.

Visiting patients in the ICU

We understand how important family support is to your recovery, and we encourage families to visit you regularly while you are in the ICU. Check with your ICU nursing staff for specific visiting hours and policies.

Privacy protection

HCA Virginia takes patient privacy very seriously. We've taken the following measures to ensure the privacy of individuals in the ICU:

  • Access to hospital information is limited to people with hospital authorization
  • Information is not released to anyone other than those providing medical care
  • No temporary or permanent recording is made from any camera or microphone
  • Patient information is only transferred to and from the eWATCH center over private phone lines
  • All information is electronically encrypted before it's sent over phone lines
  • Doctors use a secure identification number as an electronic signature when ordering treatments

Neonatal ICU

Learn more about our neonatal ICU for premature and critically ill newborns.