Johnston-Willis Hospital’s neuroscience and Gamma Knife center provides private suites designed with your comfort in mind and offers some of the most advanced technologies, including Trilogy, LINAC X-Knife, stereotactic navigational operating room systems and the area’s only 3-D biplane angiography (3DRA). Using these technologies, our neuro-interventionalists can quickly and more effectively diagnose or treat your neurological conditions.

Gamma Knife

HCA Virginia’s hospitals near Richmond are the only hospitals in Central Virginia to have and use the Gamma Knife, a minimally invasive stereotactic radiosurgery tool that uses extremely precise cobalt radiation beams. The beams treat diseases and destroy unhealthy tissues, such as tumors, without cutting through healthy tissue. The Gamma Knife offers you an outpatient procedure that eliminates the need for traditional surgery and incisions.

Maximizing your results and recovery

Gamma Knife may be combined with other innovative treatments. For example, intraoperative MRI (iMRI) technology may be used first in the operating room to help surgeons see and remove as much tumor as possible, followed by the Gamma Knife team, who use the Gamma Knife to better target treatment of the smaller tumor.

Gamma Knife Icon

In keeping with our reputation for bringing innovative technology to our patients, HCA Virginia is home to the second Gamma Knife Icon in the state. Our Johnston-Willis Hospital is designated as a Gamma Knife host site by the manufacturer, which means others come to us to learn how to use this technology. Having completed more than 2,000 Gamma Knife surgeries, our team has the expertise you need when facing a brain tumor or other disease that can be treated with the Gamma Knife.

Advanced technology to help save healthy tissue

The Gamma Knife Icon uses the precision of 192 gamma beams to non-invasively treat trigeminal neuralgia, brain tumors and other neurological and neurovascular disorders on an outpatient basis. By using radiation beams to destroy tumors and diseased tissue, Gamma Knife may eliminate the need for traditional surgery and incisions and helps preserve healthy tissue. That means less pain, faster recovery and fewer complications for you.

Learn more about Gamma Knife technology, including what to expect and when to call your doctor, at our online health library.