At Chippenham Hospital’s pediatric emergency room (ER), you'll find a cheerfully decorated space ready to treat children of all ages. We won't keep you waiting – you'll quickly meet pediatric ER specialists and pediatricians, and find comfort in knowing that caring for children is what we do, 24/7.

Why our pediatric ER is special

Pediatric emergency needs are unique. Equipment, procedures, treatments and even medications can be different for young patients compared to adults. At our pediatric ERs, we have the specialty technology and expertise you need to ensure the best pediatric emergency care for your child. We offer you:

  • A pediatric ER staffed 24 hours a day by a board-certified pediatrician
  • Access to doctors and nurses specially trained in caring for children of all ages
  • An on-site pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), if hospitalization is needed
  • Advanced technology specifically for children and young adults
  • The option of 24-hour parental visitation
  • A family-friendly environment with 13 pediatric beds – all separated from the adult ER area for optimal privacy and care

Come to Chippenham Hospital’s pediatric ER when you need the best pediatric ER care near Richmond.