Infusion therapy delivers medications through a catheter. At times, your doctor may combine oral medications with infusion therapy to deliver the best results. Newer procedures focus on a specific organ or location in the body, directing medications to a targeted site and destroying cancer cells with an intense dose of the chosen drug while sparing nearby tissue.

Chemotherapy and biotherapy use powerful medications to treat cancer by destroying cells or stopping them from growing. You can receive these medications in several ways, including through:

  • IV injection or infusion (putting medicine directly into a vein).
  • Liquids or pills taken by mouth.
  • Intramuscular injection (injections into a muscle).
  • Intrathecal administration (injections into spinal fluid).
  • Subcutaneous injection (injections under the skin).
  • Intra-arterial injection (medication inserted directly into the artery).

Your doctor may also recommend immunotherapy to provide medication that helps your immune system destroy cancer cells.

Chemotherapy treatments, including infusion therapy, are used to cure cancer, keep cancer from spreading, slow the cancer's growth and relieve cancer symptoms. Combining chemotherapy with other treatments such as surgery or radiation helps eliminate remaining cancer cells.

Chemotherapy and Infusion at HCA Virginia

To support your active life beyond your illness, HCA Virginia offers both inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy and infusion services. Our entire nursing staff is certified in chemotherapy and biotherapy delivery, and more than 50 percent have achieved the oncology certified nurse (OCN) designation. You'll benefit from their expertise and comprehensive, caring approach.

Our infusion centers are part of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis Hospital and Henrico Doctors' Hospital. They were designed with private bays, TVs and your comfort in mind and offer the latest treatment options, including the only hepatic artery infusion pump service in Virginia.

For your convenience and comfort as an outpatient, you can access our infusion services seven days a week during extended hours that fit your schedule. A meal will be provided.

Visitors are encouraged, so please feel free to bring your family and friends for support and company during your treatments.

Learn more about chemotherapy on Sarah Cannon’s website.