At Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Virginia, we offer the most up-to-date diagnostic technology paired with expert oncologists to provide you with the highest quality cancer care from diagnosis through survivorship.

We offer comprehensive testing and imaging services and cancer screenings throughout the HCA Virginia network.

Advanced Diagnostic Breast Centers

HCA Virginia's advanced diagnostic breast centers offer you spacious and comfortable settings with precise, accurate breast imaging technology.

If your doctor recommends additional or special procedures, you can find them at HCA Virginia’s extensive network of hospitals near Richmond.

Cancer Center Evaluation Clinics (CCEC)

When a recent screening leaves you with questions, HCA Virginia will help address your concerns through one of our cancer center evaluation clinics. If test results show you may be at high risk for cancer (or your referring doctor suspects you may be at high risk for cancer), a team of specialists will review your reports and recommend treatment options.

Cancer Screenings

Early detection of cancer can improve outcomes for many types of cancer. Talk with your doctor about the best screening schedule for you.

HCA Virginia offers colonoscopies, low-dose lung computerized tomography (CT) screenings, mammograms, breast ultrasounds (ABUS) and Pap smears.

Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic testing for cancer may help some families. For others, comprehensive risk assessment and genetic education provides enough information to develop a plan to lower the risk of cancer.