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Breast cancer is a type of cancer that affects the breast. It can start in the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, the glands that make breast milk, or other breast tissues. The breast cancer programs at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis and Henrico Doctors’ hospitals are fully accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Our multidisciplinary approach means you and your loved ones will work with nurse navigators during your entire journey – from mammography through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and advanced breast reconstruction. Our comprehensive services include molecular profiling, genetics, oncofertility counseling and support groups.

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Breast Cancer Nurse Navigators

Austin Cecil, RN
John Randolph
Medical Center

Office: 804.452.3271
Email Austin

Diane Petrie, BSN, RN, CBCN
Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Office: 804-289-5682
Pager: 804-351-0105
Email Diane

Barbara Stannard, RN, CN-BN
Johnston-Willis Hospital

Office: 804.483.6263
Email Barbara

Sharyn Ward, RN, BA, CBCN
Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Office: 804.237.7949
Pager: 804.351.0718
Email Sharyn