What makes Reflections different?

What sets Reflections apart is the personalized attention that you will receive from continuous contact with our team. We feel that it is important to get to know each of our patients, so that we can provide the best care possible. Reflections has been designed in a way to promote healing and recovery. Special attention has been paid to every detail, from the décor to the set up of the unit. We are certain that you will find the tranquil space inviting and nurturing.

The Reflections team has been hand selected to work with you. They are knowledgeable and committed to assisting you on this journey.

How long do most patients stay at Reflections?

At Reflections, we believe that you cannot put a number on how long it takes someone to recover. Many insurance companies authorize several days at a time. Our Utilization Management team will work with your individual insurance carrier to advocate for the length of time that you need.

What is the typical day like?

Each day starts with a community meeting, followed by a menu planning with the Reflections registered dietitian. A support group follows each meal. After breakfast Reflections patients will participate in a though processing group and expressive therapy, and have time for personal focus. Following lunch, patients will have time for journaling and their schoolwork if they are continuing studies while at Reflections. They will also have an educational session or nutrition group, a social work group and free time. With a physician’s approval, patients will also have the opportunity to participate in yoga, stretching or other light exercise in the afternoon. Following dinner, there will be a closer group meeting, time for recreation and visiting with friends and family, and personal time. During the evening, patients will have the opportunity to use the phone or the computer.

What should I expect when I arrive?

When you first arrive, you will briefly meet with a member of our Admissions team to complete the required hospital paperwork. They will then escort you up to our secure unit where a nurse will orient you. A member of our team will help you with your personal belongings and any restricted items will be secured behind the nursing station, or you can send them home with a family member. If you are staying for inpatient treatment, we will show you to your room and allow you to settle in. We will take your vitals and you will meet with your assigned physician. Shortly after, you will meet with our dietician for your initial assessment.

Since peer support is essential, you will join the rest of the participants in the lounge for the group activity that they are engaged in.

Will I share a room?

Each of our rooms has two beds. Depending on how many inpatients we have at any time, patients may have their own room or share a room. The rooms are quite large and include a sitting area, in addition to two beds, dressers and a private bathroom. The entire Center is decorated in a comfortable contemporary fashion, with plush linens, rich colors, and a welcoming lounge for movie nights and group therapy sessions.

Will I have my own bathroom?

Each inpatient room has its own bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower.

Can I continue my schooling while at Reflections?

If you are participating in our inpatient program, we encourage you to continue to your school assignments at your comfort level. Our Director of Education will meet with you to discuss how you can be supported around your schoolwork.

What should I bring?

While the rooms are spacious and comfortable, we ask that you only bring one week’s worth of comfortable clothing. This should include pajamas and a robe. If you have questions about specific personal items that you may have in your room, a member of our team can assist you with this upon admittance to the unit.

Can I do laundry?

Reflections has its own washer/dryer so that patients may do their laundry.

Can you accommodate special diets—vegetarian, vegan, etc?

We can accommodate a vegetarian diet. We are unable to accommodate vegan diets. We will ask you about allergies during the intake process.

Can I use my cell phone?

In order to spend the greatest amount of time focusing on your recovery, we do not permit the use of cell phones on the unit. We have several phones that patients have access to during specific times.

Will I have access to a computer?

Patients have access to a computer during specific times each day.

Do you accept major insurance plans?

Reflections accepts most major insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider or our intake coordinator at (703) 538-2886 for information on your specific coverage level. If your insurance carrier does not list Reflections, or Dominion Hospital, as in-network, we can work with you and the provider to assist in obtaining the coverage needed for treatment.