HCA Virginia - May 13, 2019

You may see Jesus Oyola walking down a hallway like the one in the picture above at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center with a big smile on his face.

There's healing power in a smile, and that's the first thing Jesus Oyola wants patients at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center to see when he meets them to perform X-rays that will help determine their course of treatment.

"That's my thing, I'm always smiling, I'm always happy. That's what I do," Oyola says. "I like the patients to be the first to see my smile and know it's going to be OK."

Oyola is the hospital's night-shift radiology technician, and his work touches nearly every area of the care provided at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

He'll perform scheduled X-rays for patients staying at the hospital, but he spends much of his time working in the ER. This work keeps him on his toes, because nights bring people to the ER with a variety of ailments and injuries.

No matter how busy things get, Oyola says it's important to him and the rest of the team in the emergency department that every single patient gets his full focus and attention.

"In the time that we have with the patient, let's make them feel better, let's make good X-ray images so the doctors can see everything and the patient won't have to come back," he says.

Oyola likes the fact that his colleagues in the ER share his patient-focused approach.

"It's hard working in an ER environment, sometimes its stressful, but I notice that they always smile and do their best to keep the patient happy," he said.

Oyola is native to Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanish. He lives just minutes from the hospital in Spotsylvania County, and appreciates the opportunity to work in the community where he lives, and not have to commute to a job farther north.

That proximity to home is especially important as he and his wife care for a 3-year-old and prepare to welcome a new baby this summer.

The small-town feel of the Fredericksburg area also gives him the opportunity to run into former patients out in the community--something he finds especially rewarding.

"They say, 'Thank you so much for everything you did.' It makes me happy to see them outside and see them well," he says.

The staff at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center feel like family to Oyola. He likes working in a place where people help each other out, and in an environment that promotes constant learning and improvement.

"If there is something you want to learn, the people here will help you out," he says. "When you're here all night, if there's a moment when you don't have something to do, you can go help another team. You are always able to learn, and people are always willing to help you."