Dulles, VAStoneSprings Hospital Center today announced its winner of the DAISY Award, an honorary given to extraordinary nurses to celebrate skillful and compassionate care. The award was given to Sarah Marchione, MSN, RN, LDRP for her care of COVID-positive mother in Labor and Delivery.

The DAISY Award recognizes nurses for the extraordinary skillful, compassionate care they provide patients and families. Programs are tailored to individual hospitals or groups and are active in nearly 5,000 healthcare facilities and schools of nursing worldwide. Anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse may submit a nomination — patients, family members, co-workers, physicians, or staff.

StoneSprings received the hand-written nomination for Sarah Marchione's Daisy Award from a Labor and Delivery patient. During the check in process, the patient was tested for COVID — one of several routine screenings — and was found to be positive. That factor complicated things but the patient noted that Nurse Sarah handled the extra safety measures in stride, providing a smooth delivery process and excellent post-partum care. "We feel lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with such a great nurse," the nomination read.

"Sarah was given the DAISY Award for her skilled and compassionate care during a stressful delivery," said Amy Paratore, Chief Nursing Officer. "Her nomination is typical of her patient care every day. Her kindness and caring set the standard for nursing care that all patients can expect at StoneSprings."

Sarah joins five previous winners of the DAISY Award at StoneSprings:

  • Becky Morrill, BSN, RN, LDRP
  • Skip Reese, RN, PACU
  • Teena Singh, BSN, RN, ICU
  • Michelle Pho, BSN, RN, Medical/Surgical
  • Kelsie Scott, RN, Medical/Surgical

"Congratulations to Nurse Marchione on her DAISY Award," said Nathan Vooys, Chief Executive Officer at StoneSprings Hospital Center. "We strive to provide exceptional care for all of our patients but it's still thrilling to hear how one provider can make such a positive impact on a patient — or in this case, two patients!"