Reston Hospital Center
January 21, 2019

Reston, VA (January 21, 2019) - The Virginia Institute of Robotic Surgery at Reston Hospital Center has acquired Synaptive Medical's product suite, an integrated set of neurosurgery tools designed to unite surgical planning, imaging and navigation for more efficient brain surgery and potentially improved patient outcomes.

Reston Hospital Center is the first member of the Hospital HCA Healthcare system in the region to use the technology for brain surgery. Dr. Jae Lim, neurosurgeon and Chief of Trauma Neurosurgery at Reston Hospital, performed the hospital's first procedure using the innovative technology - a craniotomy for a skull-based brain tumor.

"This is one of the greatest technological advances that we've seen in brain surgery in decades," said Dr. Jae Lim, Neurosurgeon and Chief of Trauma Neurosurgery at Reston Hospital Center. "Thirty years ago microscopes revolutionized brain surgery, allowing us to visualize brain surgeries with more precision. The addition of modern robotics and automation is a huge step forward in brain surgery, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for our patients."

Dr. Joseph Watson, neurosurgeon at Reston Hospital Center, adds "This groundbreaking technology ushers neurosurgery into the age of robotics. Reston Hospital Center is leading the way when it comes to robotic surgery."

The Synaptive BrightMatter(tm) product suite and Modus V (tm) robotic arm is a highly detailed imaging, navigation, and robotic platform. Using an attached camera, the automatic positioning system follows the physician's tools, showing an image of the patient's brain with unprecedented detail before and during surgery. Sensors assist the doctor with surgical instrument alignment for optimal movement throughout the brain, ultimately minimizing the possibility of damaging tracts that are associated with key brain functions such as movement, speech and vision.

"As the Mid-Atlantic's leader in robotic surgery, adding the new system to our platform is just one more step we're taking to provide our patients the latest technologies that could improve their outcomes," said John Deardorff, President and CEO of Reston Hospital Center and HCA's Northern Virginia Market. "We are committed to being at the forefront of surgical technology advancements in partnership with our dedicated medical staff."