HCA Virginia
December 11, 2019

Richmond, VA - HCA Virginia's Parham Doctors' Hospital is the first in Virginia to offer a new approach that provides relief for patients suffering from chronic low back pain (CLBP).

Performed by Dr. Daniel Martin, spine interventionist who practices at Parham Doctors' Hospital, the Intracept procedure is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure which targets a nerve located in the spine. It is indicated for patients who have experienced chronic low back pain for at least six months and have not responded to at least six months of conservative care.

During the procedure, the surgeon advances a specialized probe into the vertebrae and uses radiofrequency energy or heat to disable the nerve, rendering it unable to transmit pain signals. The procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes and does not involve an implant nor change the structure of the spine.

"We are pleased to offer a new option for patients suffering from debilitating chronic low back pain that have failed conservative therapy," said Dr. Martin. "This latest breakthrough has allowed us to embark on a paradigm shift in how we treat chronic low back pain by showing its effectiveness in improving pain and function."

The Intracept procedure is supported by two randomized control trials with over 350 patients enrolling in the trials. One trial demonstrated a highly significant difference in pain reduction at three months for patients that received the Intracept procedure compared to patients that received standard care. In the other trial, patients who received the Intracept procedure reported a 53 percent decrease in pain at year two follow up appointments.

"I'm excited that the comprehensive spine program at Parham Doctors is the first in the Commonwealth to offer this new treatment for patients in our region," said Ryan Jensen, chief executive officer of Henrico Doctors' Hospitals. "Our multidisciplinary approach to quality and the patient experience differentiates our spine program from others in the region."

Parham Doctors' Hospital has been recognized by Healthgrades as a Top 100 Orthopedic Hospital and Five-Star recipient for back surgery, and also is accredited for spinal fusion by The Joint Commission - the nation's leading authority on quality of care. Find out more information.

"The spine team at Parham is made up of the most dedicated and skilled professionals in our region, and I'm fortunate to work alongside this group each day," said Tara Lafoon, director of surgical services at Parham Doctors' Hospital. "Their longstanding commitment to patients is what has made this accomplishment possible."