RICHMOND, VA. (Feb 1, 2022) — HCA Virginia’s Parham Doctors’ Hospital is the first healthcare facility in Virginia to launch the latest advancement in joint replacement surgery that is tailored to each patient. The technology offers less invasive procedures and faster recoveries for patients.

Because every knee or hip is different, as is every patient requiring a procedure, surgeons at HCA Virginia’s Parham location are performing joint replacements with the use of data that’s tailored to each patient’s anatomy.

“This new robot allows for an intraoperative real-time assessment of soft tissue tensions, as well as customized surgical plans for each patient,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ryan Robertson. “This allows for less soft tissue releases and a decrease in pain, resulting in a quick recovery with a knee that feels natural.” 

Guided by a surgeon, the robot’s precision allows for a more thorough execution of the surgical plan. The technology is designed to help ensure predictable results to improve outcomes, increase mobility, and help patients recover faster.

“The combined aspects of this robot should continue to provide superior total knee arthroplasties for years to come,” Robertson said.

Parham Doctors’ Hospital has been named one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery by Healthgrades for the past three years. This award recognizes superior clinical outcomes in back and neck surgery, spinal fusion, hip fracture treatment, hip replacement, and total knee replacement. To learn more about this new technology at Parham Doctors’ Hospital, visit the facility’s orthopedic care page.