Advanced robotic-assisted knee replacement system makes Northern Virginia debut at StoneSprings Hospital

Dulles, VA – StoneSprings Hospital Center will begin offering an advanced robotic-assisted navigation technology designed to help orthopedic surgeons perform partial and total knee replacement surgery. StoneSprings is the first hospital in Northern Virginia to offer the CORI System technology.

StoneSprings’ newest surgical system offers two distinct benefits to patients:

  • It creates a customized 3D digital model of the patient’s knee just before surgery, eliminating the need for a CT scan before surgery, thereby reducing radiation exposure
  • Allows a more accurate placement of the artificial knee, based on the patient’s unique anatomy

This new level of customization and precision optimizes the artificial knee’s range of motion and function for a more natural fit and a quicker, smoother patient recovery.

The robotic-assisted procedure uses a hand-held robotic burr that precisely removes bone to optimize the placement of the artificial knee. Although robotic technology is involved, the surgeon is in control throughout the entire procedure.

“Not only is a robotic-assisted knee replacement more accurate than other traditional knee-replacement techniques, but the system also improves the soft tissue balance, promoting a more normal feeling knee,” says Dr. James D. Reeves, StoneSprings Hospital medical director of joint replacement. “The accuracy and natural gait contribute to a faster recovery, which our patients appreciate.”

New knee-replacement technologies are a welcome addition to StoneSprings’ already advanced surgical options. Joint pain is the most common reason patients see an orthopedic physician, and though there are many ways to manage that pain, the ultimate treatment for chronic knee pain, if other therapies are unsuccessful, is joint replacement.

The CORI Surgical System is the latest addition to StoneSprings Hospital’s robotic surgery capabilities. The hospital is home to a robotic training epicenter, one of a handful of such facilities in the world hosting surgeons as they learn and study in a specialized, robotic-equipped operating suite.

“We are committed to using advanced technologies and techniques, like this robotic-assisted knee-replacement system, to treat our patients,” said Nathan Vooys, StoneSprings Hospital Center chief executive officer. “Our robotic surgery capabilities rival larger surgery centers while offering the convenience of being located right in your neighborhood.”