HCA Virginia October 23, 2015

By: Anthony J. Shaia, MDOrthoVirginia

Dr. Anthony J. Shaia, is an orthopedic surgeon near Richmond, Va., who is on the medical staff at Parham Doctors’ Hospital. He specializes in general orthopedics and joint replacement therapies.

As summer approaches, there are a number of orthopedic injuries that become more common. It’s so nice outside that people are more willing to go for a run or play a pick-up game without really preparing. Every year from May through August, emergency rooms across the country see an increase in the number of people walking through their doors with fractures, strain injuries, and more.


What Can You Do?

Whether you are an avid runner, recreational enthusiast, or even a vacationer, you must be smart and learn about injury prevention and know what to avoid. Shoulder injuries, muscle tears, tendon injuries, and back pain are some of the most common summer injuries. Here are some tips to stay safe and have an injury-free summer.

  1. Bend at the Knees: Whether you are gardening or picking up something heavy, bend your knees (not your back) and use your legs when lifting heavy objects.
  2. Stretch: Before beginning an activity, take the time to stretch. This will loosen muscles, joints, and ligaments.
  3. Start Easy: To prevent overuse of muscles, condition and strengthen your body so it can get used to the outdoor activity.
  4. Drink Water: Water helps keep our body temperatures normal and keeps the muscles lubricated.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe!