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Pediatric Emergency Room

At the Chippenham Children's ER, you'll find a cheerfully decorated space ready to treat kids of all ages. We won't keep you waiting. You'll quickly meet pediatric ER specialists, and find comfort in knowing that caring for children is what we do, 24-7. We're the region's only ER staffed around the clock by pediatric specialists, and we treat more than 1,200 children each month.

Why Choose a Pediatric ER

Pediatric emergency needs are unique. Equipment, procedures, treatments and even medications can be different for young patients compared to adults.

Why Our Pediatric ER is Special

  • Greater Richmond's only children's ER staffed 24 hours a day by a board-certified pediatrician
  • Access to doctors and nurses specially trained in caring for children of all ages
  • Onsite Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), should hospitalization be needed
  • Advanced technology — specifically for children and youth
  • 24-hour parental visitation encouraged
  • Family-friendly environment with pediatric beds separated from the adult ER area
  • 13 beds available

Featured Videos

See how Chippenham's Pediatric ER serves children of all ages

Peds One - Infant Care       Peds 2 Pre-School

Babies and Toddlers                                    Elementary-Age Children

Peds 3 Middle School       Peds 4 High School

Middle School-Age Children                       High School-Age Young Adults

Broselow Artemis System for Acute Pediatric Administration of Drugs in the ED

The hospital's emergency department has installed the Broselow Artemis System to ensure the proper dosing and administration of drugs to children. Pediatric dosing can be difficult, especially in emergency situations, and the Broselow Artemis System allows medical professionals to instantly access proper dosing, improve the speed and accuracy in acute preparation and administration of drugs, reduce medical errors and standardize pediatric dosing so that we can provide our young patients with high quality care.

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