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Neuro and Stroke Services

When your brain and nervous system — the command center for your life —are at risk, you want the best care in the business. That means the most experienced surgeons and specialists, the latest technology, and a successful track record of helping people recover their health and regain critical skills. At HCA Virginia, we're nationally recognized for our quality of care — and we get results.

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Your First Choice for Brain, Neurological and Stroke Care

When you choose HCA Virginia, you choose a health system that excels in all aspects of brain, nervous system and stroke care

  • Quick action, speedy diagnosis and immediate treatment for neurological conditions and stroke, vastly improving your chances of recovery
  • All HCA Virginia hospitals are Certified Primary Stroke Centers — designated by The Joint Commission — a distinction recognizing our consistency in creating better outcomes for stroke patients
  • The first and only hospital in the United States — HCA Virginia's Johnston-Willis — to receive accreditation and the Certificate of Distinction in the Management of Brain Tumors from The Joint Commission
  • Comprehensive Stroke Certification DNV-GL Healthcare, a world-leading certification body - HCA Virginia’s Johnston-Willis Hospital is the first non-academic, community hospital and second in the state to earn comprehensive stroke certification . This is the highest level of competence possible for stroke care.
  • A more comprehensive set of technologies and solutions for brain care than any other health system in Central Virginia
  • One of just a handful of hospitals on the East Coast with operating suites and teams dedicated to neuroscience care
  • The only health system in Virginia to offer both:
    • Intraoperative MRI (iMRI), the only one in Central Virginia, used in the operating room during surgery to deliver the detailed images that help surgeons remove more tumor cells in a single procedure
    • Intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery, a minimally invasive choice sometimes known as Gamma Knife®, to treat brain tumors and other neurological disorders
  • The most sophisticated neuroscience intensive care units on the East Coast, including enhanced step-down transition facilities with the latest in nurse call (patient assistance alerting) and patient monitoring technology

Learn about our advanced options for diagnosis and treatment of stroke, brain and nervous system conditions.

See the full range of stroke, brain, nervous system conditions we treat at HCA Virginia.

As Richmond’s first accredited hospital for stroke treatment and the first and only hospital in the nation to earn the Joint Commissions Certificate of Distinction for Brain Tumors, Johnston-Willis Hospital sets the standard for neuroscience care the new unit features:

  • 12 private NSICU rooms each equipped with Stratus Critical Care Booms enabling physicians easy access to the patient’s head and eliminating the clutter of medical equipment
  • Latest technology for patient monitoring
  • The area’s only community hospital equipped to perform Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
  • Larger rooms for physician consultation and patient and family comfort
  • Step down unit with 23 private dedicated neuroscience rooms featuring the latest in nurse call and monitoring systems allowing for better response times and quieter environments
  • New Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to meet the needs of this special patient population

With coordinated brain, nervous system and stroke care and resources such as our Neuroscience & Gamma Knife Center and Centers for Surgical Innovation, you gain the benefits of advanced technology. Our tools for highly precise imaging lead to more accurate diagnoses and more targeted treatment. Our minimally invasive options result in shorter surgeries with better outcomes, including more tumor cells removed in a single procedure, less time in the hospital and a quicker return to daily life.

Multidisciplinary Team Care

Specialists involved in your care collaborate in weekly multispecialty team conferences, coordinating their efforts to ensure you receive the best possible treatments with the best possible results. Members of our neuroscience team perform surgery in operating rooms exclusively reserved and equipped for neurosurgery.

Our Extensive Neuroscience Resources

  • Neuroscience Intensive Care Units - Facilities equipped with the latest neuroscience technology and designed with the comfort of patients and families in mind
  • Neuroscience Step-Down Units - Quiet environments for close monitoring and prompt response by clinical staff as patients make the transition from critical or acute hospital-based care to home and family; includes special epilepsy monitoring units (EMU) providing attentive care to patients with this seizure disorder
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) - Central Virginia's first and only community hospital equipped with this advanced technology to treat movement disorders and other brain conditions
  • Digital biplane angiography (3DRA) - The area's only community hospital equipped with the advanced technology to create detailed images that support effective diagnosis involving blood vessels or tumors in the brain and spine
  • Intraoperative MRI (iMRI) - The only system in the Central Virginia; allows detailed images while surgery is underway, which enables removal of more tumor tissue during a single procedure in more than 40 percent of cases
  • Centers for Surgical Innovation - A range of services and procedures incorporating the latest in advanced technology to treat complex conditions
  • Tests and imaging services, including electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), advanced MRI, intraoperative MRI, CT and ultrasound - Providing important assessments and detailed images that are key for accurate diagnosis and treatment

Time = Brain. Delays can cost you brain cells when you're having a stroke. As Certified Primary Stroke Centers, all of our hospitals work with local EMS to deliver brain-saving care within the critical first three hours after symptoms appear. We can administer new clot-dissolving drugs and help avoid permanent brain damage, diminished capacity or death. Together, our fast actions and response give you the greatest chance of recovery that preserves the best possible quality of life.

Learn more about our comprehensive stroke services.

Support your recovery and regain functioning following neurologic or spine-related injury, damage, tumor, surgery or stroke by exploring your options for rehabilitation at HCA Virginia.