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HCA Virginia Breast Care Network

Choose Richmond's only breast care network and Central Virginia's leading breast centers for screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast health issues.

Convenience and Quick Results

You can find our HCA Virginia breast health facilities close to your home. Our 10 imaging centers and three Advanced Diagnostic Breast Centers work together to promptly schedule your annual mammogram. If needed, we create your personalized, comprehensive care plan.

You'll also appreciate our quick turnaround on your test results. Information about your screening mammogram is usually available within 24 hours. If you need additional views or testing, our Breast Nurse Navigator will ensure you're scheduled within the following 48 hours and receive your results during your return visit.

Your confidence and comfort are paramount. During all our procedures and treatments, we're efficient, thorough, and respectful of your privacy. Our diagnostic tests and interpretations are handled by expert female technologists certified by the American College of Radiology.

Schedule a Mammogram

Call toll-free 877.319.7744 today to get a referral for a screening mammogram.

Learn more about mammograms, including what to expect.

Advanced Imaging Technology

Gain the benefits of early detection with HCA Virginia's digital imaging technology, including specially designed equipment for women with dense breast tissue, which gives our physicians a clearer picture of your breast health. Better pictures of breast tissue raise the chances of catching cancer in its early stages, increasing the opportunity for complete recovery without mastectomy. Our newest equipment minimizes motion effects and improves your comfort with flexible compression paddles.

Automated Breast Ultrasound – technology designed especially for dense breasts

40% of American women have dense breasts, if you’ve ever been told that you’re one of them, ABUS (automated breast ultrasound) may be for you.

InveniaTM ABUS uses 3D ultrasound technology to comfortably and quickly image women with dense breast tissue. Each exam takes approximately 15 minutes and is typically done after your annual mammogram. In Central Virginia, ABUS is only available at Henrico Doctors’ and Johnston-Willis Hospitals.

3-D Mammography

HCA Virginia is now offering 3-D mammography – a revolutionary advancement in breast cancer detection that consists of multiple breast images taken in just seconds to produce a 3-D image. Similar to looking through pages of a book, a doctor looks through the breast tissue one thin later at a time. The fine details are more visible with this new technology, which is now available at Henrico Doctors’ and Johnston-Willis Hospitals and Hanover Emergency Center.

When additional views or tests are needed, Computer Aided Detection (CAD) technology provides comparative analysis to your original mammogram.

If your family history or other circumstances puts you at high risk for breast cancer, request a risk assessment and evaluation by our breast specialists, which may include the advanced option of a breast ultrasound or breast MRI. Your physician can determine your individual risk for the development of cancer in the future. The most widely used formula is called the Gail Risk Model and takes many factors into consideration.

You may be a candidate for the guided-imaging technique used in stereotactic biopsy, which recognizes calcifications or tiny lesions in the breast. This less-invasive procedure allows surgeons and radiologists to target lesions, cancer cells and tumors more accurately and precisely than ever before.

In addition to our imaging centers, our specialists have mammography and stereotactic guided-imaging capabilities if needed during your visit.

Breast Care Nurse Navigators

If you need any further testing, biopsy or high-risk counseling, our dedicated Breast Nurse Navigators will guide you through every step along the way. They understand all the disciplines involved in breast care and coordinate the services of our breast care team for your benefit. They work closely with you and your physicians so you'll know your options and receive the treatment, care, education and support you need. In the event of cancer, the nurse navigators will work with the Breast Clinic, where specialists review the tests, images and pathology in order to create the best plan for the individual.

Learn how our Breast Nurse Navigators can help.

Accreditations and Recognition

Our Advanced Diagnostic Breast Centers at Henrico Doctors' and Johnston-Willis Hospitals are accredited by the American College of Surgeon's National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). We are also recognized by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for our Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence.

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