Wait times are an average and provided for informational purposes only. What does this mean?

Emergency Care

HCA Virginia's network of hospitals offers unparalleled ER care. We have eight convenient ER locations and ER wait times you can check online or via text. Our expertise is broad. Pediatric patients, seriously injured trauma patients and patients with strokes and heart attacks are placed in specially-trained medical hands.

Just need a few stiches? There's an Express ER for that. But if transport for critical care is needed, our helipads make that possible as well. More than 250,000 patients come to HCA Virginia's ERs each year. Our experience and expertise translates to a better ER outcome for you.

Your First Choice for Emergency Care

Our vast network of locations and expertise make us the smart choice for your ER care.

  • Children's ER at Chippenham that specializes in everything from minor colds to serious care for your child
  • For your convenience, multiple ER locations, short wait times and Express ER for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Door-to-balloon times that set the standard of heart care (averaging 59 minutes, compared to a 90 minute national standard, and sometimes as low as 14 minutes)
  • Implementation of Code ICE/Code Chill (used to help prevent brain injury during a cardiac arrest by inducing hypothermia) and Code Neuro (used to speed up a stroke patient's diagnosis and treatment, improving the chance for a full recovery)
  • Board-certified physicians and nurses and clinical staff certified in emergency medicine, emergency nursing, adult and pediatric advanced life support and trauma care
  • Technicians with advanced emergency medical service (EMS) experience and training and EMS partnerships that have created excellent communication between paramedics and our hospitals so we can care for you even before you arrive at the ER
  • Air Medical Transportation Sites (Helipad) for express transportation of patients into our ERs
  • Critical care and cardiac emergency bays to treat patients when every second counts
  • All emergency locations have received special accreditation in stroke and chest pain treatment
  • Level III Trauma Centers at Chippenham and Johnston-Willis make our CJW Campus one of Virginia's designated trauma treatment centers for the most critically ill or injured patients

Primary ER Services

Our ERs provide specialized treatment day and night for emergencies including:

  • Pediatric care - because the littlest of patients need special care, we have a place just for them. We also utilize the specialized Artemis children's medication delivery system at all of our locations.
  • Trauma - our Chippenham and Johnston-Willis locations are two of the state's designated level III trauma treatment centers
  • Seamless integration with two of Virginia's top heart hospitals for heart attacks, cardiac catheterization and more
  • Behavioral health
  • Asthma and COPD
  • Stroke
  • Bone injuries
  • Express ER for your minor illness and injuries
  • Our free-standing ER at West Creek for easy access and virtually no wait
  • For your convenience, West Creek Emergency Center also offers walk-in outpatient lab and imaging services

Technology to Improve the Patient Experience

Many HCA Virginia hospitals are now offering an electronic check-in process designed to expedite and improve the patient experience and shorten overall wait times. The purpose is to help the ER staff establish the order in which patients are seen, with serious or life-threatening conditions always given priority. A free app. is also available to check-in to the ER prior to arrival. Download iTriage and use the iNotify feature to let us know you’re on your way. iTriage also features symptom look-up, appointment and medical information tracking, reminders and more. Download it today for iOS and Android devices.