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Cardiac Rehabilitation & Support

After a heart attack or heart surgery, your doctor will likely recommend cardiac rehabilitation to help you recover and return to your daily life. Our cardiac rehabilitation program and dedicated staff will support you and your family every step of the way as you adjust to life after a cardiac event.

Your First Choice for Cardiac Rehabilitation

HCA Virginia offers inpatient, outpatient and maintenance programs in cardiac rehab, tailored for your specific needs in consultation with your physician. Our programs, offered at convenient locations, include:

  • Individualized exercise plans
  • Access to certified exercise physiologists (specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation), certified rehab nurses, physical, occupational and respiratory therapists, dietitians and other professionals as needed
  • Specialized rehab for patients with peripheral arterial disease
  • Educational programs to help you understand your condition and how to avoid future heart problems
  • Individual and group counseling to help you tackle tough problems such as stress, obesity, smoking, hypertension and diabetes

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How You Benefit from Cardiac Rehab

When you participate in our cardiac rehabilitation program, you'll learn to:

  • Recognize the symptoms of heart disease and when to seek medical attention.
  • Begin a personalized exercise program designed to fit your needs.
  • Work toward your ideal body weight and cholesterol level through physical activity and good nutrition.
  • Return to your regular work and leisure activities.
  • Reduce your risk factors and chances of a future heart attack.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle with the help of your cardiac rehabilitation team.

Get Started

A doctor's referral is required for rehab services. Ask your doctor when you can begin. You may be required to take an exercise stress test as a baseline for your exercise program.

Most insurance carriers cover the costs of our cardiac rehab services. Your carrier will be contacted to verify your benefits. You may be responsible for a co-payment.