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Johnston-Willis Hospital's main number is 804.330.2000

Interpreters/Hearing Impaired

To ensure effective communication with Patients and their Companions who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services free of charge, such as: video remote interpreting, sign language interpreters, TTY's, written materials, assistive listening devices and systems, telephones compatible with hearing aids, and open and closed captioning on hospital televisions. For assistance, please contact Hospital personnel or dial "0" and the operator will assist you.

HCA Virginia

Johnston-Willis Main Campus

Phone: (804) 330-2000

Johnston-Willis Mammography

Phone: (804) 560-5856

Johnston-Willis Maternal/Infant Unit

Phone: (804) 560-5816

Johnston-Willis Maternal/Infant Unit

Phone: (804) 330-2301

Johnston-Willis Neuroscience and Gamma Knife Center

Phone: (804) 330-2035

Johnston-Willis Nuclear Medicine

Phone: (804) 330-2157

Johnston-Willis Nursing Administration

Phone: (804) 330-2198

Johnston-Willis Nutrition Services

Phone: (804) 330-2127

Johnston-Willis Occupational Therapy

Phone: (804) 330-2145

Johnston-Willis Outpatient & Adaptive Driving

Phone: (804) 330-2145

Johnston-Willis Pastoral Care/Chaplain

Phone: (804) 330-2072

Johnston-Willis Patient Information

Phone: (804) 330-2119

Johnston-Willis Patient Relations

Phone: (804) 330-2335

Johnston-Willis Patient Rooms

Phone: 267-6 + room number

Johnston-Willis Pediatrics

Phone: (804) 560-5835

Johnston-Willis Perinatology Center

Phone: (804) 560-5827

Johnston-Willis Pharmacy - Inpatient

Phone: (804) 330-2104

Johnston-Willis Pharmacy - Outpatient

Phone: (804) 560-8000

Johnston-Willis Physical Therapy

Phone: (804) 330-2145

Johnston-Willis Pre-Admission Testing

Phone: (804) 330-2314

Johnston-Willis Radiation Oncology

Phone: (804) 330-2164

Johnston-Willis Radiology: X-Ray

Phone: (804) 330-2172

Johnston-Willis Rehabilitation Unit

Phone: (804) 330-2220

Johnston-Willis Respiratory Care

Phone: (804) 330-2123