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Johnston-Willis Hospital's main number is 804.330.2000

Interpreters/Hearing Impaired

To ensure effective communication with Patients and their Companions who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services free of charge, such as: video remote interpreting, sign language interpreters, TTY's, written materials, assistive listening devices and systems, telephones compatible with hearing aids, and open and closed captioning on hospital televisions. For assistance, please contact Hospital personnel or dial "0" and the operator will assist you.

HCA Virginia

Johnston Willis Campus Lactation Services

Phone: (804) 560-5830

Johnston-Willis 3West (In-patient Oncology Unit)

Phone: (804) 330-2213

Johnston-Willis Admitting/Atrium Registration

Phone: (804) 560-5811

Johnston-Willis Admitting/Central Registration

Phone: (804) 330-2048

Johnston-Willis Admitting/Surgery Center Registration

Phone: (804) 330-2054

Johnston-Willis Cancer Center

Phone: (804) 330-2286

Johnston-Willis Cancer Registry Office

Phone: (804) 330-2286

Johnston-Willis Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phone: (804) 330-2218

Johnston-Willis Cardiac Stress Lab

Phone: (804) 330-2218

Johnston-Willis Cardiovascular Services

Phone: (804) 330-2143

Johnston-Willis Central Sterile Supply

Phone: (804) 330-2121

Johnston-Willis Clinical Lab

Phone: (804) 330-2154

Johnston-Willis Cuddler Program

Phone: (804) 560-5831

Johnston-Willis Day Rehabilitation

Phone: (804) 330-2149

Johnston-Willis Emergency Department

Phone: (804) 330-2277

Johnston-Willis Employee Health

Phone: (804) 330-2080

Johnston-Willis Endoscopy

Phone: (804) 330-2148

Johnston-Willis Engineering

Phone: (804) 330-2279

Johnston-Willis Fax

Phone: (804) 330-2233

Johnston-Willis Health Information/Medical Records

Phone: (804) 330-2084

Johnston-Willis Human Resources

Phone: (804) 330-2073

Johnston-Willis Information

Phone: (804) 330-2000

Johnston-Willis Interventional Radiology & Neurovascular Center

Phone: (804) 330-2398

Johnston-Willis Laboratory Services

Phone: (804) 330-2154