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John Randolph Medical Center Launches First ER-based Real-Time Patient Satisfaction Survey and Mobile Insurance Calculator

April 30, 2014

Richmond, Va. (April 25, 2014) – John Randolph Medical Center, in partnership with Bioscape Digital, ER Express, and GetInsured, have launched a mobile tablet solution to enable patients to give real-time feedback to the hospital, understand their financial options under the Affordable Care Act, and learn more about their health condition right from their ER Room.

The ability to address patient feedback in real-time is a critical element in providing the optimal patient experience," said Suzanne Jackson, CEO of John Randolph Medical Center. Through use of the innovative Wellness Express platform, jointly delivered by Bioscape Digital, ER Express and GetInsured, patients who visit HCA Virginia’s John Randolph Medical Center Emergency Room can now engage in real-time feedback with staff, better understand their health conditions and discharge instructions, and explore personal health insurance options.

"This innovative tablet-based platform allows us to increase the amount of information available to patients, be responsive to changing patient needs, and provide the best possible patient experience," Jackson adds. "Wellness Express offers visual and written reinforcement of a physician's discharge and after-care instructions. In addition, waiting time between physician visits and procedures now becomes informative and productive. Patients use Wellness Express to receive relevant and timely information about their health conditions, potential testing and treatment as well as general information about the hospital services."

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